Cool Google search trick

Picked this up at DOA forum years ago.

Search this in Google.

?intitle:index.of? wav snare

Change snare to whatever you are looking for ;)

I have literally no idea how you save them to iPad because it is complete garbage for downloading indexed files, so do it on your desktop ;)



  • Some 'Filemanagers' on iOS allow web-downloads. Documents 5 and iFiles 2 to name a few.
    (AudioShare used to be able to do that too until Apple 'banned' that feature from apps in the iTunes 'Music' category).

    Thanks for the search tip ;)

  • edited September 2017

    Great tips! That search reminded me of the first web (gopher? asta?). Nice to see indexing hasn't been garden walled out of existence :)

  • @samu
    Nice, i will try one of those :)
    It's weird that people have forgotten indexing, yet a lot of samplists still use it heavily, just reminds me a bit of the old BBS split files haha

  • Gonna have fun with this search tip. Ta very much. Desktop to iOS via AudioShare wifi works best for me. It means I keep a desktop backup.

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