Midi edition lake of precision

I find the editing of midi automations very difficult sometimes, because of how BM3 UI responds to the manipulations. I have the Apple Pencil so it's not because of my clumsy fingers. With the Free Draw tool, when adding or moving a editing point, a lot of unwanted things happen : other points are created on the sides, when moving a point with the Selecting tool it also sometimes creates other editing points, the Line draw tool also creates very strange responses, even if you are doing a very simple task. No need to describe all the "glitches", but for me, the midi automation edition really needs more precision, more accuracy. And a zoom function would be very useful. With certain values, depending of the AU instrument, making a large move on a knob may result with a very very small amplitude on BM3 UI, so yes, a zoom is indispensable. Thank you for your attention

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