Bm3 crashes after editing one sample on one pad?

So, I drag a sample onto a pad, about 3, maybe 4 seconds long. I trim it, apply a modest crossfade, then trim again.
Now, bm3 crashes as soon as I play it back. If it doesn't crash it clicks and losses audio.
This is a new session, only 1 sample on 1 pad. No fx at all, nothing but 1 sample on 1 pad.
Is this app really this unstable? I bought it to try and replace the light sample editing and sequencing I've been doing on a let on on my mbp... super disappointed.
Oh yeah, I'm now using a brand new iPad Pro, 12.9 gen 2, 512gb... audio settings are 44.1/256/16... I can't imagine it being system issues, and, no, I didn't upgrade to iOS 11.
At this point, Im feeling a bit ripped off by the $40 I paid this app...


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