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My main outputs go to a single channel speaker amp as it is a portable setup. Is there a way to sum individual channels to mono? I can't find a way to do it. I want to be able to use stereo pairs and pan them L R for individual mono tracks


  • Or is there a way to set track outputs to a single channel instead of a stereo pair? I have a kmix with multi outs

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    "7, All solo off on mixer. Also a Mono button on master channel.

    @vincent said: Can be useful."

    Not sure but this might be the solution.



  • I haven't seen those. Will scour the gui again. Many thanks king but I need the tracks to be mono

  • I get ya. :)

    These were just some very early suggestion/request to Intua. (Not implemented yet).

    I think it will have to be workaround x workarounds for the moment.



  • Gotcha. Frustrating that u can separate the stereo outputs of the channels

  • You can hard pan, and there is a stereo to mono process in the audio editor, will that not do what you want @adfa ?

  • The 'Stereo Widener' effect at 0% turns any stereo pair to mono.

    So for example if you wan't to have say Bank A as mono on the L channel add the 'Stereo Widener' effect to Bank A and pan in L, repeat the same for Bank B and pan it R.

  • 5pinlink it's channels I want mono not samples.
    Samu I think that will do the trick for now. Many thanks both.
    Strange that there's no mono option though

  • Samu. Good temp fix. No signal loss on the panned channels. I now have reliable sends to DT in AND eventide space. Big hurdle in getting my portable setup sorted.
    P.S I still want mono channels please intua gods

  • From intua - stereo only outputs at present.

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