Sync and Pitch issue depending on 48000Hz or 44100Hz

I had been having a problem where arpeggios in Kaspar did not seem in sync and it still existed after going to iOS11. I realized maybe it was tied to my selected sample rate and I found that I had 48000 Hz set. I set it to 44100 Hz and it seemed to correct the issue. After comparing for a bit I realized that it also changes the pitch. I tried this in Lorentz and had the same behavior.


  • Realizing now that all my tracks are now pitched lower after going to 44khz. This gets weird when using a combination of AU and sample based instruments as the samples are unaffected but the AU instruments are pitched down.

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    I've had this same issue, and I've noticed it with many different AUv3 instruments. For the record, I've also encountered this issue in AUM and Auria Pro.

  • Have you seen this in the latest AUM? I've tested on my phone and ipad pro and do not see the issue. I don't have Auria to test. I find it really interesting that not only does it affect pitch but also the tempo sync when tested in BM3.

  • Hi there!

    Thanks for the report, I'll look into that one today.


  • I think I'm having the same issue. All AUs are pitched a full step up from the note I press, but BM3 packs have the correct pitch. Unfortunely, BM3 isn't allowing me to change the sample rate to 44.1? I can't really use the program as is at the moment. :/ @mathieugarcia

  • It’s fixed in the beta. What do you see when you click on config, audio and then output sample rate?

  • Weird. Wouldn't let me select it, but I've just gone back in and it's at 44.1 now. Pitch is back to normal.

  • Can someone let me know what the fix is to get sample rate to go from 48 hz back down to 44100?

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