Can't 'cancel out' from Document Picker in BM3 under iOS11...

edited December 2017 in Fixed Bugs


There seems to be no way to 'dismiss' the iCloud/DocumentPicker dialogue when using BM3 under iOS11.0.1?!
The 'location edit' menu is also not visible but can be tapped (it's where the line vertical is) due to the 'window' being too narrow?

Suggestion is that when DocumentPicker/ gets implemented in BM3 a 'full screen' version would be much preferred.

No biggie for now since I've got all my stuff already imported and there are alternate methods to import files.
Looking forward to BM3 3.0.4...


  • I saw Kymatica has a new update for AudioShare in the pipeline I think for this same reason.
  • Can definitely confirm this one. Thought I was losing my mind.
  • @mmendozaf said:
    I found buttons are there but they are hidden. At upper right corner is cancel, and back is at upper left (but not in the category area)

    Thanks, I'm on the 'beta' so iCloud Drive support is so and so regarding import functionality...
    ...but It's quite handy to to drag'n'drop from the at least when running under iOS11 :)

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