Can’t load more than 2 instances of the same AU

I think there’s been a discussion on the this but I cannot find it.

Still cannot open more than 2 of the same AU after saving the session and trying to reopen it. I can create a session, add as many as I want of the same AU, but then if I save that session and try to reopen it, ALL of those instances of the AU crash. Again, the limit is 2.

The Aum team made a work around for it by (I think) staggering the loading of them when opening the AUM file. This is really starting to bite me in the butt.

To repro,

  1. Open a new session
  2. Go to a mixer channel
  3. Insert three duplicate AU effects, for example
  4. Save the session
  5. Close the session
  6. Try to open the session and try to open any of the AU’s you inserted


  • This is on a "Pro" yes ?

  • Yes. 2017 12.9 Pro on either 10.33 or 11.0.1

  • Think i will separate the pro issues in the list, cheers @drez

  • @5pinlink So an update:

    I upgraded to ios 11.1 (still on BM3 3.0.3) and now I can load 4 instances of Zeeon, for example, and it doesn't crash! Progress!!

    HOWEVER... I cannot load more than 3 of any of the Audio Damage AU's. After the forth, the other 3 blow up.

    Confirmed, my buddy on his iPad Air2 can load 10 instances of Grind before they blow up. But me, on my 2017 iPad Pro 12.9...I can only do 3 :(

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • @StudioES yeah, i've tried with several other vendor plugins and they work. So far it seems to be any Audio Damage specific plugins. I've been involved in that thread so I'll speak up over there as well.

  • I think the multi instance thing is partially developer specific too, like we found, Beathawk for example wont remember its settings if you load more than three, and it does that in other hosts too, so it is a UVI bug (Good luck getting that fixed haha)

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