Note delay when using note repeat

When a note repeat is selected, the first touch of the pad does not immediately trigger the note. Same function in BM2. What's up with that? I just learned to ignore this in BM2, but I've had enough... :D What gives? It's especially noticeable if note repeat is set to 1/4. There is an entire 1/4 note delay after pressing the pad. Why would Intua set this up this way...?

In the the good old MPC, you hold note repeat, slap that pad and everything makes sense. Because this carries over from BM2, I'm guessing it is a design choice??? OR, help me... I'm doing something wrong??


  • The first note sounds the next time you're at the division in the timeline grid. So say repeat is set at 1/4, hitting the pad anytime after the second beat, the sound won't trigger until you're at the third beat
  • The current note repeat feature makes it impossible to use the note-repeat function for 'off beat' notes.

    Let's pretend we're using 1/4 note-repeat with quantise to 1/16.
    The 'hits' fall on 1,4,8,12.
    Now if we would like to use the 1/4 note repeat for 'off beats' (say 3,7,11 & 15) it will be a no can do.

    Suggestion here is that the note-prepeat should optionally not wait for the next note-repeat value but instead use the closest 'quantise value' to start it's repeats.

    Oh well, that's just a suggestion...

  • @hyjax, @samu Thanks for the explanation.

    @samu...yes... that logical quantize would be optimal.

    What I find happening is...say I want a set of repeated 16th notes to start on the first beat. If I am even a few clicks off the first beat when I hit the pad, the note does not sound, so I have to go back and draw in the first note...or try again. Very annoying behavior.

    So, as I go through a pattern, I will find various errors as a record with note repeat in real time. Many places where I wanted the note repeat to start are missing the first note because I missed it by some - to be expected - fractional amount.

    Interestingly, this does not happen when I play the note with repeat using the "roll" screen...the note plays as soon as I hit it no matter what... why can't the pads do this?

  • I agree. The note repeat value should only set the timing interval, and otherwise follow the global quantize setting, and not quantize at all if it's off

  • May seem like an obvious suggestion, but... I find the trick is hitting the pad just before you want the first note to play - using that logic it’s always predictable
  • @handed yeah...i do that, but it's a buzz kill / joy destroyer... :#

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