Battle 01 Vote Thread (voting closed)

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Nice entries on this 1st battle! Here's the tracks. If anyone has a last minute entry we'll accept them til tomoro morning (different timezones etc).

Anyone can vote, you don't need to have submitted a track :)






My vote goes for @triton100
Really impressed by the effort went in to the track and for getting stuck in to the optional rule of doing a birth year cover. Great job dude :) All entries were great tho, a lot of different styles/approaches. Interesting to hear everyone doing their own thing :)

What does everyone think re 'poll vs written' for votes? I kinda like the 'written' option, people giving votes + feedback? But I can add a poll if people think that's the better way. Maybe discuss that on the other 'Battle discussion' thread if anyone has thoughts on it, keep this one tidy.


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  • @tk32 for me. made me feel a bit odd and then i had a memory of a darkened room full of friends, carrot chillums and the mongolian throat singing on KLF's Chill Out.
    looong time a go.
    sweet evocative sounds

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    @DeanDaughters is the winner for me
    (That's right, I decided not to vote for myself)

    Quite aside from his amazing video (and filming locations) I feel he best captured all the things that excite me most about using BM3 and other iOS DAWs for music making, such as...

    1. Being truly portable -- anywhere can become your studio
    2. Mapping multiple parameters to macros then binding them to physical midi controllers (for all sorts of 'shenanigans')
    3. Slicing up a song into scenes so that the whole thing can be performed, as opposed to simply played
    4. Using samples creatively to create new rhythms, unfamiliar cadences and entirely new sounds.
    5. Documenting the whole thing so that others can learn the techniques
    6. Embracing the whole challenge/restricted workflow ethos (also eloquently posited by BoBeats in his recent YouTube vid)

    Roll on Battle #2 - can we possibly restrict genres on the next one to make it easier to compare entries? How about 'October Acid' to tie-in the last few weeks of version 3.0.3 with the recent release of the 808 pack (for those who don't have Troublemaker, @5pinlink created a DIY 303 on his YouTube channel)

  • TK32 is the winner for me, they were all absolutely outstanding, I couldn't actually pick a winner to be perfectly honest, and in those situations you have to go for the meaning of life "Amen Brother"

  • 1st DeanDaughters
    for the effort and the fun he had making it.

    2nd dafingaz
    For the break

    3rd triton100

    4th tk32
    Nice use of the samples and imagery

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    So hard to call... Apache got my body, micro cuts got my mind, George got my eyebrows (respect), dusty cuts got my heart, but Jersey has my soul.

  • Not long til this one's wrapped up. Any last minute votes from people that showed some interest in throwing a track in? @TheMediocritist @ronji? c'mon peeps :)
  • These are all great.

    My vote is for @tk32

    Difficult choice though!
  • Genuine thanks to everyone who has taken the time to listen to all entries and vote so far.

    Unfortunately we currently have a tied 1st-place, so for those sitting on the fence... it's time to make a decision and place a vote!

    p.s. I can't wait to get cracking on Battle 2

  • @Heyez man, I've listened to all of these submissions several times and I'm just having a hard time picking my fav. they're all so different, and some of them followed the rules more than others. I will vote though!

  • @DeanDaughters took it for me. I didn’t really know the rules I’m new here but that was a nice track
  • @Nick is your vote for @Trig (jersey) then? I think we really should use a poll for actual counts next time, and comments for words.

    all of the submissions were really good, seriously. don't take any of this personally! @triton100 should win this due to the fact they seemed to follow the rules most closely, on top of producing a great finished product. @tk32 second, since they seemed to only use 4 strom samples rather than 5. @dafingaz killed it with the finger drumming, and if following the rules I'd rank their submission third. @Trig created a great ambient piece, but spread the samples across 5 banks rather than 1. @DeanDaughters used only one strom sample (from what I understand) and some non-free plugins, but he did produce a badass remix of whatever original sampled tune that was, making great use of macros and scenes triggered in live performance.

    if I throw out the rules, I'd say @tk32 first, @triton100 second, @dafingaz third, @DeanDaughters fourth, @Trig fifth, but all by really close margins because everything was so different and hard to compare to the others.

  • I wonder if @mathieugarcia would spare a few moments away from building 3.0.4 to cast a vote?

    Still waiting for some of the established forum users to chime in too, such as @king, @drez, @samu . Would also love @Brambos to get involved :)

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    @ronji yep - my vote is for @Trig. Apologies for the arcane language - I genuinely find it hard to be linear about matters of taste, so I just ebbed instead. That probably sounds just as bad, but it's for real. In fairness, I didn't do any technical analysis for any of the submissions! Hope that isn't a problem for anyone :) But it does point out a need for structure, and I'm 100% with that :wink:

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    @tk32 said:

    Still waiting for some of the established forum users to chime in too, such as @king, @drez, @samu . Would also love @Brambos to get involved :)


    Haven't been around here much of late, (you guys may have noticed?) been studying/sorting some other stuff (in the physical world) lol..

    If I get the chance tomorrow (which is today 7th) I'll take a real listen and see whats what. ;)

    Also, I'll be getting back into BM3 etc very soon.

    What ever the results, have fun!



  • All fine efforts, @DeanDaughters gets my vote.

  • My votes goes to @trig and @dafingaz

  • Votes closed!! Hopefully I've got this right -

    @DeanDaughters =5
    @tk32 =3
    @triton100 =2
    @Trig = 2
    @dafingaz =1 (@Samu voted joint winners)

    Congrats @DeanDaughters & great tracks from everyone!

    @DeanDaughters down to you to set the rules for the next one dude, looking forward to checking it out :)
  • Thank you very much to everyone who voted and a hearty congratulations to everyone who took the time to create and submit something for this :D

    1. I had a really fun time creating my entry
    2. I expanded my BM3 live jam workflow ideas
    3. I learned a LOT about being MOBILE with iPad / Beatmaker 3 and a load of my other gear
    4. I SHARED the entire experience and a LOAD of Beatmaker information / inspiration with hundreds of people via the video documenting all of this

    Here's what I have in mind for contest #2

    I've made a special FREE 32-piece drumkit for Beatmaker 3 which you guys can download instantly by signing up for my email list here: (You can easily unsubscribe later if you want to...)

    Open the above link on your iPad and follow the instructions to download and import the drum kit directly into Beatmaker 3 (or download on your laptop or desktop and import via icloud / dropbox / iMazing)


    1. Download the FREE drumkit
    2. Use the drumkit to make music that MAKES YOU SMILE
    3. Render it out and submit it to forum challenge 02
    4. We can add more rules / change the rules / adapt the rules / bend the rules / tweak the rules / get snarky about the rules, but keeping it OPEN and SIMPLE means everyone can do their own thing, have fun with a free drumkit and should be happy and fully able to GET CREATIVE?

    Provided that the community is happy enough with my contest #2 idea, I was going to make a video announcing the FREE Beatmaker 3 drumkit and hopefully try to INCREASE INTEREST in Beatmaker 3 and to get more attention these Forum Battles.

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    Hey @DeanDaughters

    A thoroughly well-earned win. Congrats.

    Count me in on your Battle #2 rules - i'm starting mine now...

    Quick question...must we leave the kit in an unedited state, or can we slice, tweak, tune, add envelopes and effects to our heart's content?

  • @DeanDaughters congrats again dude :)

    Can you also share/host the kit somehow without the subscription thing bro? Not really down with throwing my email in to databases.... Cheers :)
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    @DeanDaughters Congrats! Hoping to at least attempt. Only if is access to the kit. Perhaps similar feelings as @Heyez above - would you be open hosting a private link or from an announcement webpage? I don't think it was intended in any way, but any sense of commodification or pay back to join in is a little off putting... but I could well have misread. Respects for your work and sharing - looking forward to checking it out:smile:

  • No emails please
  • Thinking out loud, I'm wondering... if it would be possible to incorporate a formal assets feature in the forum... where, if an 'in the box' challenge was put forward, that assets could be hosted here...
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    I offered to host an asset page, still stands if needed.

    Personally i would like to throw an idea out there...
    People are busy, a lot of people grab time here and there on IOS to make some stuff, making a whole tune may be too much for some people, they just dont have time.
    Simplify the rules so it can be anything based on the theme, so if this months theme is Dean Daughters kit, then anything round that theme..
    "I made this song using the kit"
    "I made this beat loop using the kit"
    "I made this video tutorial and used the kit"
    "I took this sample out of the kit and made it into this UFO sound"
    Any banks/instruments that are created have to be uploaded for BM3 users to use.
  • @DeanDaughters What do you think?

  • Change the rules, they are bunk, If it were a class, you would flunk.

    Keep your marketing, kill that noise.

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    Yeah, I figure there would be backlash to me giving away a FREE DRUMKIT for beatmaker 3 and asking for people to give their email address even though it only takes a second to unsubscribe in the future...

    I am not asking anyone for any money - there is no hidden sales commodification to get the FREE drumkit.

    With all this talk of HOW LITTLE TIME everybody else has, I spend SO MUCH TIME on all of this.

    It takes even more time to make and give away a free drumkit.

    Simplify the rules so it can be anything based on the theme, so if this months theme is Dean Daughters kit, then anything round that theme..

    "I made this song using the kit"
    "I made this beat loop using the kit"
    "I made this video tutorial and used the kit"
    "I took this sample out of the kit and made it into this UFO sound"

    Fine by me - but everybody PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that five minutes of faffing about and making a UFO sound will most likely not compare with someone who has actually spent the time to make a track. It's called a CHALLENGE after all ;)

    IMHO - if you do not have time to enter a challenge, do not enter a challenge.

  • Lol, here we go again...The forum that ate itself.

    Imo a worthwhile battle just needs to -
    -Try to force you to do things kinda differently.
    -Result in a finished track to a deadline.

    'Use a provided drumkit' barely seems like a challenge at all to be honest? No limitations etc? Like I could just use one kick out of that kit and use a hundred other kits as well? To me this is kind of just like 'everyone just make a track you dig, however you like'.... Which is fine but that's what everyone ALWAYS tries to do ;) Maybe I'm missing the point tho.. Is the drumkit the only samples we can use?

    Thanks for the Dropbox link and efforts in general tho dude. Will try to throw a track in.
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