Normalising audio causes it to disappear on session reopen

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    I'm unable to recreate this @triton100
    Are you saving the audio after normalizing it ? Normalizing is destructive, so audio needs to be saved after processing.

    Here is how i am doing it and it works every time.

    1 load audio on to an audio track.
    2 Doubleclick clip and press edit sample.
    3 Select an area of the audio and normalize.
    4 Hit the three dots and save the audio.
    5 Save the session, reload session.

    Works everytime here in 3.0.3 ?

  • I tested this out as well, but since I also assumed this was an issue of not saving the edited audio or session, I also made no efforts to save. the result was the audio clips being saved automatically each time I normalized, quit the app, and reloaded the session. the audio clips had incremented numbers tacked onto the end. in my case, I pulled in the original audio clip from a file already saved in the bm3 samples directory. I haven't tested with other audio sources.

  • That is weird, i will test again without saving the wav.

    @triton100 is there anything else you are doing that might be causing it tha we could test for ?

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    Woaaaah what a complete and total crapfest !!!
    This saving issue needs fixing right now, it is dumping samples all over the place left right and sideways !!!!

    On top of it creating extra samples for this on save because it is destructive, it is also creating the same samples and duplicates in the unsaved session folder too !!!

    Not only should it purge the unsaved session upon save, but we need a purge unsaved session button in prefs, and i would even suggest an unsaved session preference on/off.
    I bet there are a ton of people out there who arent regularly checking the unsaved sessions folder and have a load of uneeded space taken up by it !!

    It should not automatically save a destructive edit over the original sample when you save the session, it should give a warning and options..
    "Replace original"
    "Save to session directory"
    "Save to samples directory"
    "Save processes in session..warning longer load times"

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    Yeah i have already contacted @mathieugarcia to tell him the file saving is a bit messy and needs to get an overhaul before it kills everyones storage space.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
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