Screen recording iOS 11

I just upgraded to ios11 I wanted to do some screen recordings of my beats in beatmaker 3
But there is no audio
It seems to work ok in auria djay
Any one else tried this yet ?



  • I hadn't tried this yet, so I looked up how to do it and did a test with bm3. for me, audio was recorded perfectly, but the recording only showed the first state of bm3 when I switched to it, so the screen seemed frozen. after rebooting the ipad and trying again, the result was similar, except now bm3 is completely black, but audio is recorded just fine. auria does indeed record screen and audio perfectly, so I'm betting this has something to do with auria having ios 11 compatibility updates and bm3 not having any ios 11 specific features supported yet (in release version). I'm gonna venture a guess that 3.0.4 is gonna fix a lot of these things =)

  • Yes it's a bit of a chore. You need to set it up in Audiobus, record your audio to AudioShare, make your screen recording and then sync the audio and video together in iMovie. I'm working on a tutorial as we speak.
  • I will stick to recording to a mac by the sounds of it haha

  • @LucidMusicInc ios 11 screen recording is working for you in bm3, in terms of the visuals?

  • Yes even on a mini 2.
  • @5pinlink yeah IMovie is the worst part of it. Decided to go with Vegas on the PC instead.
  • Got vegas pro 13 if you want it cheap lol, dont want anything to do with those jokers at Magix, so havent updated.

  • You mean Sony? Its the best thing available for PC AFAIK. I don't need anything fancy but honestly Apple can't be bothered to give us a precise timeline in IMovie and no Undo function... :#
  • Its far from the best available for Windows, Davinci Resolve is the standard right now.

    And no its not Sony, Sony sold the entire division to Magix last year Vegas/Acid/Sound Forge.

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  • Vegas without the Sony? What kind of a world are we now living in... :s
  • Sony bought it, they didn't invent it.

  • I can record but no audio I’m using the first big iPad pro

  • weird. I've got the first big ipad pro, too (2015), but I get either a black screen while recording, or a frozen frame of the app, and all audio gets recorded just fine. I was using ios 11.0, which I had installed a few days ahead of official release via the beta channel, but I just removed the beta profile and used itunes to update my ipad to ios 11.0.2 official, and it didn't help the issue. I just started a recording and went through several apps. some apps are recorded just fine, but some either have a frozen or black screen. the apps that don't record screen activity only update the screen when there are ios controls on screen, such as the dock being pulled up, or app switching, or volume change. on top of this, I noticed a big time audio sync issue, where the audio was playing in the video ahead of the on screen events. apps like samplr and bm3 didn't record screen activity, but model 15, auria, auxy, dm2, do record screen activity. all internal audio is recorded, but there's a delay. ugh, looks like I'm going to have to do some backup and restore fun this weekend. I've got other means to record via mac, but I can't stand knowing something wonky is going on with my ios =/

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    Lolz at completely erasing iPad and restoring from backup and screen recording is still the same as I last checked (so far only tested with bleepbox as bm3 is still downloading). Y’all are using the iOS screen recording feature right on the iPad, right? Not recording in QuickTime on Mac? How can I possibly be getting the opposite results?

    Edit: ok, still waiting for bm3 to finish downloading, so I decided to do more testing. Screen recording with bleepbox, everything works fine while in landscape mode, but switching to portrait mode makes the freezing app and audio sync problems happen. Starting in landscape mode and staying in landscape mode I have no screen recording problems (except maybe for some synth sounds seemingly not getting recorded, but that could be a bleepbox problem). Weird thing about that is I did the original tests while in landscape mode, so I don’t know how it’s making a difference now.

    Edit2: ok bm3 finished downloading from backup (all my stuff is still there yay) but now I can’t seem to get screen recording to have the screen or audio problems, even if I start recording the video in portrait before launching the app. Dunno what causes the problems, but maybe it’s intermittent? Maybe erasing and restoring helped? =/

  • Just so y’all can see what I’m talking about, here are some videos.

    Video 1: Oct 06, 6 40 31 PM.mp4?dl=0
    Recording bm3 and then bleepbox. Everything is fine until I go portrait in bleepbox. Note the audio sync issue happens when bleepbox is started, even though I didn’t go portrait until later.

    Video 2: Oct 06, 6 43 56 PM.mp4?dl=0
    Bleepbox behaving with no sync issues cuz I never go portrait.

  • I did more testing and definitely not working lol
    First time just the audio
    2nd time screen froze but had audio
    3rd time black screen nothing played

    Do we have anyone from intua, that actually monitor this forum
    I would like to hear if they will look into this and fix in the next update.
    Has bm3 even had a proper ios11 update yet.

    It would be a cool way for us all to show off our beats on social media and it was the main reason I upgraded to ios11.

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    It's not Intuas job to ensure BM3 works with Screen Recording. Beside there's nothing they could do because it's an OS problem, not their software. BM3 is far from perfect but it's still a thing of beauty and genius and the developers are more responsive to their forum queries and requests than most others.

    The screen recording might get fixed. I'm very disappointed with Apple for doing things like Apple Watch and Ipphone 7 and X, and I'm told the new IPad pros don't have proper screen resolution, latency, and then the new MacBook pros have their problems with the touch bar and ports.

    Theirs a jazz music teacher that made a nice rant about them on YouTube. He's completely right. Steve Jobs made Apple loved by millions but since his passing Apple has lost touch with their principles and they are just randomly releasing new things every year that weren't needed and aren't even wanted. Makes me nervous about the future for them.
  • After making a cloud backup, erasing the iPad, restoring from the backup, screen recording is working for me perfectly in bm3, on 2015 iPad pro. It might be worth trying and reporting back if it fixed the issue for you or not. I am looking forward to sharing some bm3 video sessions at some point.

  • Hi Lucid,
    I have to disagree with you, I think it is a bm3 issue.
    Not saying they have to sort it out to work.
    But all other apps seems to work fine, just not my beloved bm3
    It’s not a be all end all but I only downloaded ios11 for screen recording my beats from bm3.
    Hope it’s ok to state my opinion in here without causing offence.

    Hi Ronji
    Glad it’s working now but I got too much samples and work in progress to delete and reinstall
    So my plan of screen recording fails for now.

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    @markie I was also afraid, but I did it for you (and others like you). Make a complete backup either to the cloud or to your computer, and you won't lose anything. When I loaded up bm3 after the restore, everything was still there, even my session auto-saves. Maybe someone else experiencing the same problem but with less to lose can also do a backup and restore and report back with their results, if you're still a bit leery.

    Do you have a Mac, by chance? If so, you can easily record your screen over the USB cable with Quicktime.

  • @markie said:
    I did more testing and definitely not working lol
    First time just the audio
    2nd time screen froze but had audio
    3rd time black screen nothing played

    Do we have anyone from intua, that actually monitor this forum
    I would like to hear if they will look into this and fix in the next update.
    Has bm3 even had a proper ios11 update yet.

    It would be a cool way for us all to show off our beats on social media and it was the main reason I upgraded to ios11.

    Agree with this defo. I upgraded to IOS11 to video capture my beats in BM2 but only does video and no audio. Can Intua fix this please as it would be of great benefit as I currently only have an Ipad and no laptop. Thanks.

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    Go to the Audiobus forum and somebody has given steps to get it working with audio, there is an exact sequence of app starting and recording you have to do, basically the screen recording in IOS 11 is not great right now, asking for Intua to fix it when it is most likely an issue with Apple is getting ahead of things.
    There are a ton of bug reports on this forum about IAA and AU that got fixed by their developers, not Intua, same could apply here.

    Plus i must say that hoping Intua add new features to a previous version of Beatmaker so that it can work with new OS features is a big push, I am not saying they won't, I have no idea, but if they did they would be the most considerate developers around ;)

  • You saying you can do it using Audiobus as the host? Mm cool may try that. :smile:

  • No, he's saying there's a thread in the Audiobus forum that details how to make screen recording work with audio. I just tried looking for it but couldn't find it. Maybe I'm not using the right search terms. That said, I just tried screen recording bm2, and the resulting video had the screen frozen but audio did play just fine. This was the problem I had before I did the backup and restore of my iPad, even though I've had success doing screen recording of bm3. So yeah, it's buggy, probably shouldn't bother with it for a while until Apple improves it. It's a little weird to me that I don't get the "no audio" problem at all, I usually get audio but no screen movement.

  • Yeah fingers crossed Apple get their act together and sort it asap. Would love to post some videos of my tunes on Youtube etc.

  • And of course after I said that, I have now just made a screen recording attempt with bm3 that had black screen and no audio. The screen actually only showed content when I opened an AU effect. Definitely avoiding this feature for now.

  • Hey guys I looked on Audiobus for the thread you was talking about
    Dude you should have sent the link when you was mentioning it looooool.

    I just had a quick go set up a audiobus session my example was ThumbJam to bm3
    Worked pretty well the audio went down and up like you was moving the master radar up and down a bit.

    But that will have to do
    I still would love intua to look at it tho
    As it’s the only app I tried and had this issue

  • Hey there! I use ApowerMirror everytime I need to record iOS screen. It actually is a screen mirroring program that have built-in recording tools. It can stream audio btw. :smile:

  • iOS 11 built-in Screen Recorder with voice sound is a big advantage of iOS 11. How to use Screen Recording in iOS 11 on iPhone read this thread :

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