Issue with file browser

Various of the file browser windows can’t be closed manually... you -have- to either close BM3 or import something.

This is on a 12.9” 2017 iPad Pro running the latest IOS11 beta and BM303


  • Note trying to close by clicking back in the BM3 window let’s you keep using the BM3 interface rather than closing the file browser as you might expect.

  • There are some 'hidden' buttons for close (upper right corner) just like there's a 'hidden' edit button to edit the locations where the vertical line is above and left of the search field).

    iOS11 had a quite major overhaul of the 'document picker' and 'iCloud Drive' so the upcoming 3.0.4 update should be fixing these problems when it arrives.

  • Ah sweet... has been really annoying while moving over my BM2 stuff and accidentally clicking the wrong button :D I assumed it was either an IOS11 or 12.9" screen issue.

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