AU apps IN FULL SIZE VIEW ON THE IPAD PRO 12" ! like in every other daws/hosts (Cubasis,AUM, Modstep

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I wanted to develop this question in a much longer post, maybe I will, but for now I will be brief. For those you use BM3 on the iPad Pro 12", you have noticed that a large majority of the AU instruments aren't in full size when opened and aren't centered either. It's very frustrating because first, you don't benefit from the 12" screen of you iPad and second, all these AU instruments are in full size when used in Cubasis and all the other Daws/host. It seems that Intua has chosen a non Apple standard screen size for BM3 (the developer from Bram Bos told me). I won't write a full technical explanation (I'm not a developer so it would be a disaster !), but I ask to the BM3 developers : is it your responsibility to update BM3 so all AU apps appear in full screen and we can enjoy our 12" iPad Pro, or should we wait an hypothetical update from all the developers, like Virsyn for example, whose apps are terrible to watch AND TO USE inside BM3 on the iPad Pro 12" ? And since their apps show up fine in all other DAWs, it means they would have to make an update especially for BM3... I really doubt they will, at the exception of awesome developer like Bram Bos, who updated all his apps which now appear full size. I really would like to have your opinion on this subject, which may seems futile for some (it's just an esthetic matter...), but for those who really love BM3 and like to enjoy the confort of their iPad Pro 12" , I think it should speak to them...


  • I spoke with Bram as well. I don't think he was saying that BM3 is using a non standard resolution. It's that the plugins need to specifically support 10.5" and 12.9" resolutions now that BM3 does. It's possible your other DAW's are not running in the native resolution for those screen sizes and that's why your AU3 instruments appear full size. I spoke with him specifically about phasemaker becuase phasemaker is the only Bram instrument that doesn't display properly on my 10.5"and he mentioned that this was the issue due to phasemaker coming out before those resolutions were available. The only thing I'm confused about is how poison-202 opens properly on my 10.5" when it was last updated prior to the 10.5" iPad Pro being introduced.

  • I think it is because 202 is not responsive maybe, whereas Brams plugins are, so they try to use the available space the best way possible, 202 just stretches to fit.
    I could be way off the mark there though.

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