Stretch tempo of audio track

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Hi to all, I'm a newbie that needs some help

How can I stretch the tempo of an individual audio track without affecting the pitch and the master tempo please.

Second question: where can I find a Latino drum kit samples for bachata music.

Thank you very much in advance and best regards


  • 1 Load the audio on to an audio track.
    2 Press it so that it is selected.
    3 Press the Edit button bottom right.
    4 Press on BPM and then select detect tempo.
    5 Press on live stretch to change it to 'On'

    Your sample is now stretched to match the tempo and the pitch is the same, and if you change the master tempo it will follow ;)

    Latino drum kit samples

  • That is great, thanks but if now if you want to play with the tempo of the track but not the master tempo how can you just stretch a loop to fit the bars ?

    lol.. .thank you for the google link lol

    best regards

  • That is how you stretch to the master tempo after the fact, you can even do the tempo manually, you dont have to use detect tempo ;)

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    There is any videotutorial about this? Or maybe I should wait until it recieves any update?

  • Its only tempo sync, not warping, so it is set n forget, if you want a video i can make one though ;)
  • Yes I know @5pinlink... I was trying but I don’t get how to fine tune what you were talking and the song I choose to try seems out of pattern. If there is something coming soon I can wait a bit more (with or without warping or transients). I’m not diggin to much into BM3 due I don’t want to learn, forget, re-learn cycle and because I don’t have actual hurry :wink:

    Thanks a lot, mate.

  • @dubbylabby said:
    Yes I know @5pinlink... I was trying but I don’t get how to fine tune what you were talking and the song I choose to try seems out of pattern. If there is something coming soon I can wait a bit more (with or without warping or transients).

    I don’t think waiting will help, as it’s already working properly. If you:

    • know the BPM of your sample
    • set the sample BPM in BeatMaker 3
    • turn on live stretch
      Then the sample will speed up or slow down as you change the song tempo.

    If you need to ‘fine tune’ it because you’re not quite sure about the source BPM, measure it over as large a number of beats as possible, not a single beat. Eg. 16 beats over 9.6 seconds = 100BPM is much easier to accurately measure than 1 beat over 0.6 seconds = 100BPM.

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    Fine tuning is just a case of tweaking the BPM in the sample editor, if it is running too fast then raise the BPM a little in the sample editor and vice versa ;)
    (Note, your natural instinct if it is too fast is to lower the BPM, this is wrong, you need to tell live stretch that it is slightly too fast, which means raising the BPM, so that live stretch can slow it down a little)

    Best way to get the BPM of an entire song is to just load it in to any of the plethora of DJ apps on IOS, some have better than others BPM analysis, choose your weapon and off you go.

  • Hi guys,
    First of all thanks I managed to do the stretching with a combination of your advices :blush:

    Let me explain a bit for clearing the issue and the workflow.

    @TheMediocritist You were right I didn’t know well the bpm and I used the bpm calculator tool. It was wrong at detection that was I ask for finetune process that @5pinlink beautyfully described. I ended doing:
    1. Loading the song into djay to know the bpm.
    2. Adjusting it in the sample editor (audio track since is a full song)
    3. Keep enabled the “timestretch checkbox” (check/uncheck didn’t show too much change as setting it up this time).
    4. Adjusting the start point into the timeline to sync the beats.
    5. Done.

    The comment about waiting for update was due @5pinlink know I ask often about warp markers for remixing music with inconsistent bpm across the song (funk, disco, flamenco...). I can do the old method of chop and re-stretch but for entire songs is time consuming. So if it’s any kind of update in the works which makes the whole process easiest (or just gives another workaround) I can wait to learn it instead learning bits.

    I don’t know what missing features from the beta will come finally and the roadmap for them so I watch and wait, learning some tricks btw. I bought BM3 more as remixing tool than a full creation beat DAW due timestretching and sidechain. I prefer to build my beats at BlocsWave to perform them in Launchpad. Using BM3 as live gigging tool could be an option but the last time I checked scene launch was still in the works.

    Thanks once again for your help guys and sorry about the blabling.

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    You rarely blab dude, and most people have no idea your insight and the time and effort you have previously put in to trying to get stuff done, trust me, hekp is always on hand for you ;)

    I will relay the push for warp markers again to the developers, at the minute though i am trying to be annoying about some show stopper bugs and the horrible file management ;)
  • To be honest I didn’t apply too much into BM3 since I figured it wasn’t ready but just bought it for good price plus dev support. As I’m not in hurry (or not so obsessive like my young lol) I can look from the fence and make small but firmly steps into my goal. I supose that you call effort is my usual shared research with instagram pics and philosophic mindstorms that I call living :lol:
    I appreciate that and I will try to keep my best even when sometimes I forgot some or get other things outside forums (years ago I was livin literally inside them). I should take a look into manual too now it seem a bit improved. :wink:
    To be fair I’m happy about how is going, sometimes I will need faster solutions but then I remember that this is a hobbie so don’t feel I’m pushing you about warping. It was just curiosity, nothing else.

    If someday I can bring you back any kind of help please tell me. I will do my best, mates.


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    To be fair the tech it is going to be a big overhaul for them to implement warping, simply because right now the arranger is second rate, and anything you want to do to audio you have to open an editor, dropping or inserting markers for warping would be a complete pain to do if you had to open the editor everytime you wanted to drop or insert a warp marker.
    So i suspect it may not be around for a long time unfortunately, but what do i know lol
  • Well ATM with the solution you (in plural) bring me I can go forward and that’s a lot. Meanwhile I found an iOS based solution (aside Auria, thanks) I’m considering ask a friend for Ableton warping duties. :sunglasses:

  • I have to be honest, it is such a requested feature on everything, it blows my mind that somebody hasn't done a single track warp marker AUi for IOS.
    Yeah it would need to be triggered via an audio note, but that would make it even more powerful, each warp marker could respond to a different note.

    Always confuses me that some glaring gaps exist in the IOS AU market and developers complain about not making money on the 500th drum machine or 700th synth hahaha
  • Idk but that description fits a bit into reSlice...? Anyways warping entirely song in that way will require a one hundred octaves midi keyboard. Maybe we should ask Jordan Rudess :lol:

    Also mixed in key iMashup could be that app... sending a mail in 3,2,1...

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    Not really, people go over the top with warp markers and it just sounds horrible, you only need to add them every 2 to 4 bars maximum, most i only add 8 or 16 bars (Examples of such in next post) been doing this for years in Maschine, and get told how tight some of my remixes are lol
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    I used to do these on a friday before we went out, so everybody could have a laugh and get in the right mood, all done in Maschine, no warp markers, sliced at mostly 8/16 bars, some times stretched, some times just used at original tempo.
    A lot of these original source material were made before digital sequencers, and they are still locked tighter than a ducks arse to my beats.
    This can be done in BM3 right now easily, yes this method wont do everything you want i know, but it gets you on the move, and with the added triggering options you get a ton of extra performance options.


    SIA shows the triggering on pads, this was fun to mess with
    Aha shows slicing at 16 bars, still tight as ****
    Keane shows locking with a band that drifted a lot
    Eurythmics again shows the triggering options when using pads vs markers
    Madonna shows a LOT of tempo change up
    Moomins shows something that is nowhere near any kind of meter
    Prince shows more triggering
    Stan just takes the piss haha
    U2 and Wilder shows using a fader assigned to volume to just pop stuff in and out ala crossfader on a DJ mixer (Still my preferred method even to pads, leaves enough time to go long form, triggering on pads would take a hell of a set up to do a 2 or 3 hour gigs, volume cuts and inserts is much easier on the gear set up and the performer, its much closer to DJing)

    Forgot, on WIlder the beats where on a second instance of Maschine, MIDI clocked, clock was being controlled by two buttons for pushing and dragging live ala a turntable, that one was particularly easy to keep synced (Been DJing 30 years haha) but also a pretty clever set up.

  • WOW... thanks a lot for all the feedback... really nice thread to read and get inspired.

    Like I said, I'm new to audio edition, I do more video and art design so this type of software is all new to me, I got beatmaker and cubasis to remix some tracks I like into bachata and I'm now comparing both and sampling the congo and guira loops.

    I found stretching the audio in Cubasis very useful and easy to use, is a pity I can't do the same in Beatmaker because I do prefer this cleaner interface and sampler creator.

    Regarding the sampler in Beatmaker I still can't rearrange the position of the pads after they are assign, would be nice to be able to edit the color, position and name of each individual pad inside a bank.

    Another issue I'm having is when I'm recording the midi track with the samples, Beatmaker adds layers when I overlap the recording. Is it possible to flat the recordings to be easy to go directly to the midi entry and change it if needed instead of having them separated in layers of recording.

    Thanks a lot for all the help, is nice to see people motivated

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    @5pinlink Amazing. Thank you so much from the deep of my heart. People like you makes me recover keep faith in Humanity. Respect.

    I see what you done and I will try to push the limits with the songs I feel could be problematic and see what happens. Some of your advices are pure gold and I’m agreed about uberwarping. That’s one of the reasons I get burnt by Ableton. In my perfect world some song cueing plus dedicated grid by song part (between cue markers) will be just enough and probably perfect. I can try it chopping songs parts instead each beat as you point :smiley:
    The fader approach seems like dubbing (ala mad professor) so makes a lot of sense in my mind. I have similar idea with sidechain but I needed to find the stretch formula :wink:

    Did you consider to blog all of this? Maybe a vlog? I should the proper with my diy midi controller topic and maybe with smartmixing on iOS when I success... :trollface:

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    I doubt anybody else here is in to the mash up stuff like we are dude, would be pointless showing this workflow, I only get about 2 views on video tutorials for Beatmaker anyway lol
    I think people prefer the "Im gonna talk crap for ten minutes on an eleven minute video, yeaaaaaah bwooooooy" possee haha
  • I dig the mash up stuff and learned a couple of handy things in this thread. Thanks, y'all
  • So not related directly with Audio tracks but to chop’n slice workaround described...

    Hope you find this useful, brahs

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    Personally for mash up stuff like the stuff i posted above, i would just load the entire song i was about to mash on to a pad, find my first trigger point and have it trigger with a beat playing back, then when it goes out of sync, that is where i create my first chop by adding it to a second pad and moving the start point to where it started drifting (Start of a bar obviously, personally i normally do it to 4/8/16 bars, simply because a smidge of drift in an 8/4/16 bar sections actually sounds quite funky haha), then just keep repeating that technique until you have your song in pieces for mash up, if you have done it to 4/8/16s you will probably find that you have entire sections ready for repeats and triggering, this will be your bulk bank (With a lot of stuff, you will find that you only need to grab a single pad for the chorus, because it is pretty much the exact same chorus through most songs anyway)
    Now i would create a secondary bank with much smaller sections for fast repeats and such.

    Note, non of this would ever use slice mode whatsoever, it would all be manual so that it stays locked tight as a ducks chunder.

  • @5pinlink said:
    Personally for mash up stuff like the stuff i posted above, i would just load the entire song i was about to mash on ....

    This is what I'm doing at the moment, I have single sounds and full bars in pads ready to be triggered, the only issue is that I can't reorganize the pads or give them names or see the wave form in the timeline when they are triggered as midi note.
    And this layer system is a bit strange to me, is it possible to just add new midi notes in the track without creating a new layer ?

    thank you for all the feedback

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