Beatmaker 3 , Audiobus 3 not working!

Is it just me or??, i mean
i cant get Audiobus 3 working with Beatmaker.
When using Audiobus 3 and trying to
load Beatmaker 3 as input or output,
Beatmaker, does not show up, its just sleeping!.
This is anoying!.
I am hoping for an Update for Beatmaker,
that resolve the bug, when using Audiobus 3.


  • After updating ipad to IOS 11.03, lots of bugs is finding its way as usually!.
    Maybe thats why Audiobus is not working!.
    I noticed when trying other app synths etc,
    korg iodyssey, Igrand, it is not working properly!
    crackling noise too!.

    Apple should have a price for doing most bugs
    in IOS!.
  • You need to start BM3 outside of AudioBus, then it should show up as running in AudioBus. This happens with some other apps, not just BM3. Not sure what the fix is but I hope they get to it sometime. In the meantime, the workaround isn't too bad.

  • Thanks number37, it working!.
    i have’nt tried it with cubasis with other apps, full midi audio setup / playing, but it seems to work!. (i did try Beatmaker 3 with Audiobus 3
    loaded as input / output, it loads right away in Audiobus, no sleeping, even cubasis is loading fast!, wow).

    As you mentioned, i did start BM3 outside

    I have to be carefull updating my ipad air 2, who
    knows, next time it will explode!
    , ha ha.
  • @henrikh2017 said:
    After updating ipad to IOS 11.03, lots of bugs is finding its way as usually!.
    Maybe thats why Audiobus is not working!.
    I noticed when trying other app synths etc,
    korg iodyssey, Igrand, it is not working properly!
    crackling noise too!.

    Apple should have a price for doing most bugs
    in IOS!.

    Yep! It broke BM3 for me.

  • edited October 2017
    I should never had updated to IOS 11.03!.
    I am hoping for more ipdates, so IOS 11, get much more stable!, if it ever happens?.

    After that, i dont think i will ever update anymore!.

    properly i could allso get an Ipad pro as well as
    a new mac mini, if a new mac mini 2018 comes
    with ddr4, and kabylake processor?.

    To be honerstly i am through with Apple!
    Tired of their shit!.
    Mac cant get upgraded with new ram, because
    its soldered to the mainboard!.
    El capitan was a joke!.
    100000000 billions bugs with ipad / iphone.
    You cant upgrade Ipad internal storage!.
    Updating apps and IOS really takes space, ending up with a not so functional Ipad, because no more space / storage, you’ve
    need to delete apps just to justify an app
    or IOS takes considerable size.
    Any major IOS will conplety render your Idevice

    Thank you very much Apple!.
  • Couple of things.
    1 Disclaimer, I dislike Apples grip on most peoples reality and use their products because i need to, no other reason.
    2 All developers know exactly what is coming in any IOS update, if they don't support it, that is their choice, it is then the choice of the user of said device to make informed decisions about updating.
    3 IOS 11 should have saved space not used more, if it did then it is possible you have some kind of faulty install (It removed a whole slew of stuff for 32 bit support, and there is not one report i have seen, again THAT I HAVE SEEN PERSONALLY, there may well be reports, that reports it using more space)
    4 You need to delete apps to make space because you have run out of storage, if you have run out of storage it is because you chose to fill it, IOS has bred some kind of "I don't need to do housekeeping" mentality (This is not pointed directly at you, but is a general observation based on a lot of forum comments i have read)
    5 No major IOS will completely render your idevice useless if you do your due diligence, don't install it if the research that you do suggest it may break the apps you wish to use, if you do install it, it has now become completely YOUR fault, not Apples or the app developers.

    The best thing to do is to vote with your wallet and buy hardware from somebody else, unfortunately i see these kinds of posts from people all the time (Again, and to be very clear, this is generalised and not a comment at you or your post) and within six months the new shiny shiny appears and they are Apple customers again.

  • Thats not exactly true!.
    have’nt you heard of the famous astronaut
    complaining his iphone didnf work!.
    lots of people has to deal with bugs from ios!.
    After i updated my ios, the youtube link in google dosent work anymore.
    I have been experince lots of bugs
    after ios 11 install, and many many other people is complaining about it, THATS NOT MY FAULT!.

    That what i am tired of!
    Its if Apple just cant nail those bugs!

    And NO, i dont want an android telephone, even if the hardware is much better, i had one plus one tablet with android, the Googleplay
    apps was so bad compare to appstore!.
    I just wish Apple could pull them together just abit!

    I am sorry if you feel you somehow got atacked,
    that wasn't my intentions!, i apologize!.

    I am just fed up and anoying about when updating ios with plenty bugs!.
  • It is completely your fault, or are you suggesting that armed Apple thugs came around to your home/place of work and forced you to update to IOS 11, YOU CHOSE TO UPDATE, that makes it your fault entirely.

    Famous astronauts complaining about stuff not working, are you suggesting that astronauts are infallible, probably user error.
    You tube links in Google don't work after IOS 11, oh wait, Apple biggest competitors products don't work in Apples latest IOS straight away, colour me surprised.

    Why would i feel attacked, I can complain properly about Apple all day long, and nobody can point out issues with my arguments because they are very very real, Apple is a terrible company, and i can give you 100s of reasons why, but everything you pointed out was your fault for updating.

    For the record i am running an Air2 as well, I have had zero problems, but i don't run Audiobus, which seems to be the only app you are actually having issues with, have you contacted the Audiobus developers ?
    Audiobus3 seems to have the worst reputation around right now as far as i can tell, Audiobus2 had a huge place in IOS music making, Audiobus3 not so much.

    I don't run an iPhone because they are the worst communication devices around, and that is all i use my phone for, communication, nothing else.
    I now run a Macbook pro 2011 at home because a 2014/15/16/17 all had to be returned to Apple because they were seemingly built by monkeys whose quality control skills were that of a dead rat.
    Trust me i can go on and on about Apple for hours, and that is just hardware, I can go on for days about the bugs in their software, and poor design choices, years literally years i can go on.
    So yeah i don't feel attacked, just pointing out that YOU CHOSE TO UPDATE.

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