saving a sample/audio clip from the timeline?

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Hi y'all, so I want to sample a variety of sounds from a drum machine app and save them into a folder to sort later into various kits. I can't see a way to save the individual clips into the 'samples' folder in the browser. I only get an option to save a session. I'm guessing that it needs to be put into a bank first to be accessed later? Am I correct or am I missing something? Thanks for your help. :)


  • p.s I'm resampling onto the timeline and not into a bank pad.

  • Look at the bottom where it says edit, press that, then press edit sample, then three dots top right, all your saving options, convoluted as hell but you will get used to it.

  • Got it! thanks. Actually, I was just experimenting with exporting it as a pattern from the timeline then using the 'move to' to move it to the samples folder. that worked too although you have to do it as a one bar thing...
    F**k I'm determined to actually make some music out of this mother sometime soon...

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