Possible to resample an audio track with embedded fx ?

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  • Yeah I think it is expected behaviour (record to pad, which is actually the audio editor too, then save the sample, then drag back to the timeline)
    But it is pissing annoying.
    Render in place for audio tracks and pads is needed toot quick !!!

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  • Being able to use the 'Audio & AUX Tracks' as sources for sampling & recording would solve quite a few issues.

    Another would be to be able to use the 'Keyboard Sampler' on 'Sampler Pads' for quick re-sampling and processing samples thru effects to create new samples and make chords of single notes, re-pitching etc.

    I mentioned both these 'features' multiple times during beta so I'm pretty sure the developers are aware them but I guess there are other things that require more attention before new features get implemented.

    Another 'nice to have' would be as mentioned 'render in place' (ie. just make a 'selection' on the time-line and 'render it' to a new file without having to go thru the process of entering record mode, select bank yada yada yada.

  • Rendering a pad with effects and sampler/AUi settings without recording is what im desperate for.

  • Maybe a workaround could be use AudioShare through AudioBus in pseudo split mode (iOS11) and use it as fast resampling. Later with Files integration it should be another easy step to drag’n drop...

  • Personally i don't use Audiobus, and i think any kind of recording in digital is perverse, it should always be a render unless you are actually realtime playing something.

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    first, I agree that not having a render option in a purely digital environment and having to record live like it's analog is silly. but I wanna make sure it's clear that you should absolutely not need to resort to ipad mic, and you're not limited to recording just a pad or bank. that said, I was surprised with my results when testing just now.

    in the sampler interface on an empty pad, you can tap the record button and set the recording source to bm3 main out, which should include anything you hear from bm3. you can do this, but the result was not what I thought it should be. I created a pattern, programmed some steps, added a layer effect to one pad, added some AU effects and built in effects to the bank, turned up the bank's send to aux 1, added an effect on aux 1, and recorded it. the resulting audio file sounds obviously different (louder? more effected?). maybe I did something wrong, but that said...

    one method that works perfectly for me is to use audioshare and set the audioshare input to inter-app audio "intua: beatmaker 3 out (audio)" - no audiobus needed. yeah, beatmaker 2 is listed at the top, but beatmaker 3 is way low on the list cuz it is preceded by "intua" for some reason (you can change the sort to recent though). this was relatively painless with ios 11 slide over, and the resulting audio file was exactly what I heard when I pressed play in bm3.

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  • @triton100 hopefully that gets fixed soon! render/freeze should be added but until then this bug needs squashing. shouldn't have to resort to using other apps to record bm3's output accurately. although, I suppose it would also make sense to just mute the send. has a bug report been made yet?

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  • Glad to see improved my improvised workaround... I hope too Intua implement direct resampling.
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