Global settings

Global settings/edit similar to mpc. We need to be able to edit multiple pads at once. I find myself having to do the same settings one pad at a time.


  • Which settings ?
  • This is not really a question about 'Global Setting' but rather being able to easily apply the same changes to multiple pads at once if I've understood it correctly.

    One way could be done is on the 'sample edit' page using a 'select tool' on the mini-pads and selecting which pads the edits/changes should be applied to. This way the parameter edits could be synced to multiple pads.

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    @samu said it correctly. Its applying the same changes to multiple pads all at once Instead of one by one. If I want to bring all pads down 5 semitones I shouldn't have to do it a pad at a time. I thought that's what the select button on the small pad area was, selecting multiple pads to make changes but its not.
  • Ok. Thanks didn't see it when I did a search.
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