Configure how MIDI velocity affects sample's volume

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Hi Beatmakers,

I use BM3 for finger drumming with velocity sensitive pads.
My question is about how exactly MIDI velocity (from a controller) affects sample's volume.

  1. I saw Low Vel and High Vel settings in mapping. Let's say I set low value to 10 and high to 100. If my MIDI controller sends 101 will BM play sample with 100 (or some other value) or simply won't play it at all?
  2. Let's say I want output volume be always between some value A and value B and calculate it according to incoming MIDI velocity. For example, if MIDI velocity is 1 then output is A. If MIDI velocity is 127 then output is B. And all values in between by simple formula. Is it possible to configure BM3 that way?
  3. Ableton Simpler has a setting called Vel > Vol, which determines how much MIDI note velocity affects sample's volume. Is it possible to have something similar in BM3?

According to my experiments the current configuration capabilities are very limited, so please consider this as a feature request.


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    If there is no sample mapped to velocity 101 and 101 is recieved, nothing will play.
    If you want velocity to change volume you need to set up the velocity modulator to the gain (should be set up by default)
    There are a lot of options available to set this up, but one specific velocity value to a specific gain value, I have never seen any sampler/synth that does that, normally it is just 1:1 velocities 128 values to whatever the recieving controls values are 0-1 or so on.
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    Thank you very much for explanation.
    I will play with velocity modulator to the gain. I think it gives some flexibility.

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