Set the default length pattern recording

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I would to know who this days still record a one bar loop ?
I mean, when you begin a song, on rythm, let’s record....
Song mode create a pattern, record pattern, hollycrap just a f44ckg bar loop recording .....
ok pattern saved... edit pattern, set loop recording ..... re create pattern .... re record....
Man I already bored....

Please help me , do this and create an option in preferences to set the loops to what we want


  • If that preference option would materialise it should have an 'auto' option so one would not be limited to a preset amount of bars.

    If I start a new session and just start recording without creating a pattern first with the loop turned off I can record for as long as i like?!

  • I’m gonna check it
  • I'm cool with a one bar default but if I want to extend the pattern from 1 bar to 4 bars I want the existing pattern copied over the new bars or at least an option to "duplicate measures"

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