1st Jungle demo in Beatmaker 2


  • Needs a few breakdowns, but its getting there.
  • @5pinlink

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    @tk32 said:
    Very nice @The_Bro though I would say it's more of a 1992/3 Hardcore vibe than strictly Jungle/DnB

    I was having a bit of fun naming the sources for all the various samples in there.

    Reminds me (a little bit) of the stuff Machine Drum was doing with his album Vapour City on Ninja Tune records a few years back:

    My only (small) suggestion is that the melody line remains veiled for the whole track. It would be nice having the melodic parts released from their lowpass filter as the track builds, and to have something else to sit in the mid-high frequencies other than the sizzle from the breaks.

  • @5pinlink said:
    Needs a few breakdowns, but its getting there.

    Yeah agreed. Will work on it when I get some time. Thanks for listening.

  • I wanna say it needs a big bass too, but only listened on the phone, so cant really say.

    And i have to be honest, unless you are calling it a remix of the bouncer, not sure using that vocal is a good idea, you have a mic and a mouth, pop something off and effect it, trust me you will enjoy it ;)

  • My vocals are terrible lol but my sister can sing so maybe that's a thought!

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    Im not talking about the singing, im talking about the main vocal from the bouncer, its one of the most famous jungle vocals of all time haha.
    You dont have to sing, just say something memorable, and put on a silly voice, pitch it a smidge, compress it, eq a little, trust me, once you do it you will do it all the time.

    Your voice is probably the best synth in your toolbox when you're a samplist, you dont have to do words or sing either, the voice is a great start point for Neuros and such.

  • Heres a little trick for you for dirty bastard Neuros, get yourself a little crappy powered speaker (pc speakers ?)
    Record yourself doing a long Aaaaaaaaah (be quite violent)
    Play it back through the crappy powered speaker but remove the grill and selotape a strip of paper directly to the cone.
    Record it with a mic.
    That will give you one seriously rasppy vocal Neuros.

    Silly shit like that is dirt cheap to do, and can give you some serious sounds you cant create on a synth.

  • Working on v2 at the mo. Anyone else feeling this?

  • V2 with more sub!!

    Listen to The Bro - City Riddim (2nd demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud
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    Hey @The_Bro

    There's an essence of a really uplifting hook here (with nice rolling beats), but I have to say it feels a bit like you're throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at it rather than develop the musical side. This is obviously just my opinion, but if you're going for a more melodic/rolling style you should (a) not use quite so many different breaks -- also the amen needs better EQ'ing, (b) probably remove the Kicks Like A Mule sample ("Your name's not down...") and (c) I'm not really a fan of the detuned hoover bass that comes in half way through.

    There's a really smooth/cool vibe for the main part of the track and my worry is that you've added a number of conflicting elements to the track instead of developing the central theme.

    I'm only being critical because I think there is a decent track waiting to develop here. And please understand, when I next post a track on these forums I would be quite happy for you to do the same back to me ;)

  • Thanks for the comments I'll work on your suggestions. :-)
  • Nice track! I like the vibe you got going. I'm listening on my iphone headphones so can;t hear the bass too much. I wouldn't mind a couple breakdowns in there as well.

  • Thanks!! Yeah BM2 is a bit of pain for jungle / dnb but with patience I think decent results are possible.

  • BM3 is a pain for DnB/Jungle, resampling in BM3 is extremely boring and should be drag n drop or even somgle click.

  • Just for fun (ie not strictly BM3 related), here's a little 90's rave track I put together nearly 10 years ago using a (what was then a newly-released) Reason 4.0

  • Way Back sample from Neneh Cherry 'Kisses in the wind' right or does it originate from somewhere else lol?
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    It's actually more way back than that :)

    It comes from Jimmy Castor Bunch's 'Troglodyte'

  • Ah okay lol. That Neneh Cherry song is one of my favourites!!!
  • Here's the only Neneh Cherry track I like:

    (Apologies for taking this thread off-topic)
  • @The_Bro - HELL YES!!!

    I am totally head-nodding to this bad boy :)
    (and showing my age here, because listening to it feels like greeting an old friend who is always welcome at the party)


    (off topic: I'm hanging in the buffalo stance, too...)

  • Thanks Dean. By the way are you referring to my track or Neneh Cherry lol?
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    lol - I am referring to your track :p
    Totally sweet - NICE ONE!

  • Thanks dude. Nice one. Check out my other one and let me know what you think!
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