Launchpad Mini

Hi all, so i have an LaunchPad Mini, ive mapped it to the 64 pads. when i activate the midi out from any channel the wrong buttons light up.

is it possible to add feature to BM3 to send "Midi Feedback" to the same pad as the one mapped in the midi options, right now it seems it sends the feedback to the note number that is currently playing instead of the Pad. iam sorry if iam confusing but i hope you understand what i mean, somaybe an option to send feedback to the PAD that is mapped instead of the note number, and maybe an option for focus action to set midi out the same way as midi in works with focus action.

anyone else having these issues ? (ive worked around it by using Midiflow, but as soon as i change Octave it gets screwed up again)


  • I understand.

    If you’re just trying to light up the pad when you trigger it, the easiest way is to load AUM in the background and in the routing table connect the Launchpad input to the Launchpad output. Anything more advanced than that is difficult/hacky.

    I’ll +1 the request. Full support would be great, with lights colour mapped etc. but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    I’ve got an idea for an AU mini plugin that would send a range of useful Launchpad feedback from selected midi, audio and clock-based light shows from any app, but I’m not sure that I have the patience to code it.

  • that would work with AUM, but that wont give me the feedback when there is a sequence playing in Bm3.

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