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Hi folks,
I’m starting my remixing duties and I found two main stones in my shoes...

The first is related to the fact when I move audio waveform clip in timeline it doesn’t show the content of the wavwform so it becames a try and miss

The second is related to selection and snap grid. The fact we need to select from the line over the timeline makes me hide by my own fingers the point I’m selecting which makes it painfully but the snap grid didn’t help (too large steps or free move going a bit crazy).

Probably I’m doing something wrong as usual... any tips? It’s being very frustrating and for a moment the word Auria mouse and Ableton come to my mind... for today I left it after few minutes wasted and lost inspiration.

Thanks a lot


  • You aren't doing anything wrong, audio editing on the timeline is horrific in BM3, i brought it up on release day and was jumped on by users for being too harsh.

    It needs a complete overhaul.

  • @5pinlink said:
    You aren't doing anything wrong, audio editing on the timeline is horrific in BM3, i brought it up on release day and was jumped on by users for being too harsh.

    It needs a complete overhaul.

    Fuck (myself) :bawling:

    So looking into workarounds... I will look into twistedtools or similar for improve the song deconstruction and later load these as bricks or samples as you pointed me in the other thread.

    Thanks a lot once again @5pinlink

  • Judt click edit audio, the audio editing in BM3 is as good as twisted.

    Best thing to do is load the entire song to the timeline, hit edit audio and just cut your sections out in the audio editor, and save as new samples, it will simplify your life right now.

  • I will try that for sure!

    Thanks a lot, mate!

  • No worries, remember to bpm check the song in a real DJ app first too, BM3s detect tempo is useless, it is always miles out, so just enter it manually.

  • Yup that step is hardcoded now in my workflow.


  • I found this...

    It could be possible something similar in BM3? More or less it’s offline warping...

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    This to me can be done much better but for two missing features in BM3.

    Missing feature 1
    So lets open a song on an audio track, then into the sample editor, start selecting loops, then just hit "S2P" and it would bring up a list of the current banks and pads (Same as the record settings elsewhere) and dump that selection straight to that pad, repeat infinitum to get all your samples as needed on your pads (this would take seconds)

    Missing feature 2
    Next to slice mode there should be a retime button, it would work very similar to slice mode when dropping slices, but instead of dropping slices to chop sections of samples these would be retime markers with two modes, drum and melody.
    First thing would be detect tempo to get your grid (Already implemented)
    In drum mode you would place markers at the start of a hit, once all markers are dropped and accurately placed, you would then switch to retime mode, when you move a marker it would now preserve the transient (Sample to the right of marker for a set number of samples is not stretched) but stretch the reset of the sample content between the marker you are moving and the next one to the right, all usual snapping and non snapping would be available ala slice mode.
    In melody mode the transient would not be preserved and the entire sample content between the two markers would be stretched.

    As you can see, this would offer up all those features but fit right in to the Beatmaker 3 paradigm, and rather than just offering it on external files like their grabber, it would be available to any audio used in Beatmaker 3 :)

    The problem with the completely automated system like their grabber is that some POS code by some random developer is deciding where to put retime markers and then deciding that they should all be moved in some mathematical increment to get you to where you want to be, which in all fairness is complete bulls**t.
    The way i have underlined above will take a little more time to set up (We are talking extra minutes here by the way) but the end result will be light years ahead of that automated stuff.

  • Awesome. I can’t find a flaw in that implementation.
    I hope it arrive someday in some form, mate.

    Thanks once again for sharing your thoughts and help.

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