AUs out of tune

I’m new here, so I suspect this is a simple rookie error, but...

If I add an IA instrument, it plays perfectly in tune with everything.
If, instead, I add the same instrument as an AU, it is a semitone sharp.

This happens with Laplace, and Ripplemaker, so I suspect it is a general AU thing, which makes me wonder if there is a setting I have overlooked somewhere.

I can transpose the AU itself, but it seems a little strange to have to do this. I couldn’t find any reference to this in the forums, or the manual, and I am a bit stumped.

Any advice would be greatfully received!


  • This could be a sample rate issue?!
    I've not bumped into this with my Air 2, iOS11.0.3.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I’ll investigate further into the sample rate settings...

    I’m using and iPad mini 4, iOS 11.0.3

  • You were right, thanks for the tip.

    Sounds like I may have run into a bit of a bug:

    Initially, I could not change the sample rate (option was there, but sample rate did not change on selection), so I restarted my iPad.


    With sample rate set to 44100, everything is fine.
    With sample rate set to 48000, plugin instruments, both AU and IAA, are 1 semitone sharp.

    This is still not the same as the behaviour before I reset the iPad, where IAA was fine but AU was sharp, so I guess something odd is afoot.

    But at least all works (as long as I stick to 44100) for now! Many thanks.

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    Good news @nadex .. the sample rate / AUv3 tuning bug described in this thread has been fixed in the next update:

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