Battle 02 Vote Thread (voting closed - WINNER Announced!)

Really creative work on all these entries, guys! :D

Congratulations to everyone who got something made and SUBMITTED! <3

ALL Battle 02 contestants should be prepared and ready-to-go with their rules for Beat Battle 03 in case they win this Battle! (Battle winner decides the rules for the next Battle and runs the next Battle) B)

Seriously, Nice job everyone - we also had a few more entries to this Battle than the first one.
If we could keep this forward creative momentum going - we could grow these Battles into something really special imho.

I have decided to do the voting for battle 02 with a POLL.
We should keep the voting open through 11/04 so everyone has a chance to listen to all the entries.

Please feel free to comment on others tracks or your own experience(s) with this Battle.
Keep it FRIENDLY, please o:)




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    Thanks Dean.

    I'd like to make one small stipulation if that's OK with you...

    I'm not suggesting anyone would do this, but please don't vote for your own track ;)

  • @tk32 said:
    I'm not suggesting anyone would do this, but please don't vote for your own track ;)

    I’m chasing zero then. :D

    I’ve listened to all the tracks several times each and am really impressed with them all, for a bunch of different reasons. Good job all, I’m looking forward to the next battle.
    @StudioES gets my vote this month - it’s just a terrific track, perfect balance and mix, and @DeanDaughters’ kit is featured nicely.

  • First observation...

  • yeah, they're really good

  • Indeed. Every time I listen I seem to have a different favorite :#

  • Wow - four way spit so far- found it very hard to choose. Respect to @5pinlink for sacrificing his entry this time round. Perhaps an honourable bonus for him?

  • I must admit that choosing was really hard, every track seems to strongly stand out in its own way... they’re really hard to compare in terms of quality for me.

    But a choice must be made, so I go for @triton100, I really like raw vitality of your track!

  • All cool. Dunno what to vote for. Possibly studioES or Sygma is closest to something I'd listen to normally lately but Triton felt like it impressed from the ios production skills angle with all the vocal processing stuff...Going Triton. Nice job dude
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    I'm gonna listen and write mini reviews as I go, then vote at the end.

    @TheMediocritist :
    Really lovely mellow pastoral vibe, and somehow manages to make the kit blend in with the style quite seamlessly. It doesn't have a catchy hook, or the style of song I would listen to in an everyday setting, but would make a beautiful addition to the Minecraft soundtrack (if you don't take this the wrong way)

    @Sygma :
    Speaking of soundtracks, I could of sworn I heard this in last night's episode of Stranger Things — it's certainly good enough! I love the very high level of polish, authentic synth sounds, and as I mentioned before, how well you have thought about track structure. Again it's not an overly memorable track, but works great as a soundtrack piece. The production on this is top notch. Bravo.

    @tk32 :

    @Heyez :
    When it starts it reminds me of an old Art of Noise track from the 80s, but then the other elements come in and take it somewhere else. I like the lighter, more playful feel, and the collage of sounds here. With a few vocals this could grow into something cool. Sounds like some funky video game music. A little bit chaotic, and loses focus near the end. I'm afraid I will subtract you half a point for resubmitting a second version of the track for no good reason. Sorry.

    @StudioES :
    Wow, is this really the same Copper Kit? Lovely glitchy treatments. It's only when the snare comes in I recognise it. Nice glitchy IDM style reminiscent of 90s Warp, and the cool stuff being released on the web-based M3rck label in the 2000s. Again, it's not got anything memorable or stand out for me personally (except the excellent rhythm programming) but the production quality is really high.

    @triton100 :
    I still feel bad for accidentally outing your cheeky breakbeat in version 1, but you took it on the chin and quickly reworked the track to fit the rules. It's chaotic as fuck, but I still love it. I found myself humming the words and tune on the way home from work today so it's definitely memorable. Also love the mad automations, special effects, and amazing vocoder breakdown. A real tour-de-force of fun and energy. Congrats.

    @ronji :
    Love that you've upped the pace and done some very creative programming to make Dean's kit a viable Drum and Bass rhythm section. LOVE that homemade neuro bass!! I can't believe you made it from the kit. +++ points for this alone. Criticisms? It's over too quickly, and doesn't quite deliver on the promise it gives for the first 30 seconds. With a bit of reworking, a splash more reverb and darkness, grit and aggression, and it could be really nice.

    @denx :
    The first bit sounds like a fairly conventional chopped guitar sample funk groove, we get a driving closed/open hihat rhythm... and then something quite unexpected happens. We get some unusual and intriguing sounds come in, and the structure both falls apart, but also opens up. The result doesn't quite work as a track, unfortunately, but I always love it when a track doesn't do what I expect, so +1 for that.

    @5pinlink : (honorary mention)
    I was equally as excited when I first saw your submission as I was disappointed when you chivalrously decided to withdraw it for not meeting the kit restriction. I love the energy and rawness of tracks made intensively in a very short space of time (just like I did with mine) and enjoyed the angry motherfucker hip hop vibe for the 2 listens I managed whilst it was up. Full disclosure, I sent your SoundCloud link to a few people here who missed out hearing it. Thanks for taking things to parental advisory levels, and putting something out there, even if it was rough around the edges. Respect.

    ... And now it's time for me to vote.

    After much deliberation, I award my vote to @triton100

    @StudioES was my (close) 2nd place, and 3rd would be a tie between @Sygma and @ronji
  • Taking a break from mixing and EQing some new liquid DnB in BM3

    You guys ROCKED this battle - I cannot decide who to vote for :#

    Going to listen again closely to all entries and hopefully, this formula I just sketched out will help me decide who to vote for. :)

    I'm going to rate on a 1 - 10 scale, my personal opinion(s) on the following:

    1. Creative use of the Copper drumkit in the track
    2. Overall creative vision for the track
    3. Quality of mixing / mastering / EQ / (general sound quality of the track)

    Gettin' down to business!

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    Another difficult round to vote on, which is always a good sign. @Sygma got my vote, perhaps in part due to the Stranger Things vibe, but it's a great track anyway. =)

    Looking forward to any notes on my submission (I see you, @tk32). Next round I'll try and create something with more variation that lasts more than a minute!

  • @tk32 thnx for the feedback :) Yeah mine's an unfinished sketch. Impressed by all the peeps that have produced 'finished' sounding tracks in BM3. I feel like I need to go to daw/PC for any vocals/live instrument and hardware overdubs/complex midi editing etc. I still have a lack of patience for ios in those areas :/

    Haha, the resubmit was after I remembered Tonestack app had a mu-tron emu (threw it on the lead synth ;).
  • @tk32 - you are super quick!

    EPIC THANKS for taking the time to give such detailed feedback on all the entries, man! :)

    Mine are coming soon :)

  • Thanks for the critique, @tk32! In case anyone is interested, I caught iOS 11 screen recording on a good day (was it luck, or was it update 11.1?) and recorded a rundown of my track, including a look at dat bass.
    I’d re-record this vid to make it shorter and more concise if I wasn’t afraid I’d be fighting a losing battle against iOS 11 screen recording!

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    Deciding was so hard. -- Thanks again to all of you who participated!

    Please let's keep this energy and momentum going for the next Battle, Guys :)

    My vote is for @StudioES

    Here is how I came to this decision:

    @TheMediocritist (total - 22)
    Creative use of the Copper drumkit in the track - 7
    Overall creative vision for the track - 10 (Killer vibe on this track)
    Quality of mixing / mastering / EQ / (general sound quality of the track) - 5 (the levels / general mixing needs a little TLC)
    Notes: Amazing creative entry with KILLER UPLIFTING VIBE - middle section is crazy good and leads to a rocking uplifting outro

    @Sygma (total - 28)
    Creative use of the Copper drumkit in the track - 9 (Consistent sound and theme with what processing (filtering?) you did with the drum sound(s))
    Overall creative vision for the track - 10 (Clear idea and so WELL PRESENTED)
    Quality of mixing / mastering / EQ / (general sound quality of the track) - 9 (would have been a 10, but the mix is a TINY BIT harsh in the mids and hi frequencies - i mean a TINY BIT but I have to be picky because these entries are all so good)
    Notes: FREEKING EPIC! Cinematic feel with well thought out delivery - consistent quality through the entire track keeps your interest the whole time. Well arranged - you can feel how much effort / energy was spent on this :)

    @tk32 (total - 26)
    Creative use of the Copper drumkit in the track - 9 (good patterns / programming) (extra points for the super dope old school tom roll)
    Overall creative vision for the track - 10 (clear idea with huge amount of creativity) the vocal samples tie it all together to a complete vision. NICE!
    Quality of mixing / mastering / EQ / (general sound quality of the track) - 7 (a tiny bit over krushed in general - but seriously, imho - only a tiny bit. (reminds me a little of mark bell's "over-the-edge" mixes from the 1990's in a GOOD WAY)
    Notes: Made in 2 hours?! WHOA!!!! The midle break/drop is so kick ass :)
    (Extra thanks for helping spead the positive BM3 vibes!)

    @Heyez (total - 25)
    Creative use of the Copper drumkit in the track - 8
    Overall creative vision for the track - 10 (Delicious wonderful abstract "modularesque" melodics give way to even more delicious "arpagge". Good break back into the outro. The VIBE is consistent throughout with that change-up in the middle keeping you interested.)
    Quality of mixing / mastering / EQ / (general sound quality of the track) - 7 (general mixing levels / EQ could use a little TLC)
    Notes: I like the consistent bassline with the less consistent melodics over it to keep interest - the change up / chord progression at 1:11 is DOPE AF! Lots of really nice melodics in this entry!

    @StudioES (total - 30)
    Creative use of the Copper drumkit in the track - 10 (LOADS of clever programming and tweakies! Tons of subtlties to keep you interested - a lot of attention to detail in the programming! My favorite creative use of the Copper Drumkit) NICE BREAKS and turn-arounds. It's in the Details,Details, Details - Nice freeking work!
    Overall creative vision for the track - 10 (Consistent downtempo vibe that flows perfectly with loads of variations to keep you interested and wanting more) - the little drum glitchies / stutters are totally ear candy for me along the ride
    Quality of mixing / mastering / EQ / (general sound quality of the track) - 10 (imho I want to fist bump you TWICE for such a clean mix that is easy on the ears - really, really good EQ, level mixing and overall balance. CLEAN and PUNCHY mix - so good.)
    Notes: I am blown away by this the more I listen to it - really amazing work, mate :)

    @triton100 (total - 25)
    Creative use of the Copper drumkit in the track - 9 (I like how you re-pitched the snare(s) and really sculpted your own sound from the kit to match the vibe of your entry)
    Overall creative vision for the track - 10 (This is what it's all about! A total creative vision here - even with vocals! Great arrangement that keeps you interested throughout.
    Quality of mixing / mastering / EQ / (general sound quality of the track) - 6 (Sorry, imho the levels / overall mixing just need some TLC still, once the breakbeat got removed. EQ work is very good though!)
    Notes: LOVE what you made here, man! - Total extra kudos to you for doing the vocals :)

    @ronji (total - 29.5)
    Creative use of the Copper drumkit in the track - 10 (total re-sculpt to get the sound you got and the only entry (that I am aware of) that used one of the Copper Kit drum sounds looped as a MELODIC sound. Niiiiice!)
    Overall creative vision for the track - 10 (HELL YES! Total unique vibe here -- I absolutely LOVE this! Horns Stabs and Flute(?) with Neuro Bass? WOW! You've got balls, man - this combo worked amazingly well - love it!!)
    Quality of mixing / mastering / EQ / (general sound quality of the track) - 9.5 (levels need a tiny bit of TLC, but huuuge extra points for making the sub and neuro combo sound so good on my speakers - Seriously good work on the absolutely magic bass sculpting you did here!)
    Notes: This is waaaay too freeking dope to be the shortest entry ;) Wish you would have taken this further so I could keep rocking to it :)

    @denx (total 21)
    Creative use of the Copper drumkit in the track - 6
    Overall creative vision for the track - 10 (Beyond FUNKY grooves with great arrangement! Fusing the real instruments / live-playing works really well imho!)
    Quality of mixing / mastering / EQ / (general sound quality of the track) - 5 (sorry, the overall balance of the mix and levels need some TLC)
    Notes: I really dig how you brought all these elements together - this is FUN sampling at it's best, man :)

    @5pinlink (Wish you would have gotten your track back into the fray and submitted, bro - I did get a listen and it was freeking totally sweeeeet af!)

  • Thanks for listening and for the feedback, really appreciate it!

    @tk32 I am a real sucker for driving hihats :smiley: , find it easier to play the guitar than to program beats, I’m afraid... Glad you found something interesting in there nevertheless!

    @DeanDaughters no need to be sorry, mixing is definitly not one of my talents, thanks for the positive comments!
    Frankly, I was reluctant to submit anything at all, given the other entries, but figured since I did download your drumkit (which enjoyed a lot playing around with, by the way) I might as well try creating something with it and submit it.
    Really enjoy the challenges/battles (made something and then didn’t submit for the previous one, but learned a lot in trying) so I hope they keep coming :wink:


  • Thank you @tk32 @DeanDaughters and everyone for the detailed critiques!
    The choice was really hard, especially between @TheMediocritist (lovely melody), @StudioES (great atmosphere), @triton100 (for the power and the voice!) and @ronji (for the jungle beat), but I finally voted for @StudioES ;)

  • I've just updated my post (above) to include my 1st, 2nd and 3rd place nominations.

    Well done everyone, and please don't be disheartened if you don't get any votes - this was a really tough one to decide.

    Thanks @DeanDaughters for your fair and positive reviews for all the tracks. And of course, for building the kit that inspired every one of them.
  • @StudioES you just sold me on replicant 2. Dunno why I hadn’t picked it up yet! Oddly enough, Grind was my crutch this round, also by Audio Damage, which is evident if you have a look at the video I shared earlier in this thread.

    @DeanDaughters thanks so much for the kind words, and thanks again for the kit! The flute sound might be referring to the short ‘toot toot’ sound, which was a nice preset from Addictive Pro, or maybe the pads at beginning and end which I created with two single cycle waves from adventure kid.

    @Sygma thanks for the shout! And @tk32 thanks for giving me third! =)

    I’ll shut up in this thread for a while now. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of the votes and what the winner comes up with for the next round!

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  • I ain't doing reviews, you all done great, @ronji got my vote, total Aphex Twin vibe, always a winner for me ;)

  • Ummmmmmm...
    It just occurred to me that the song stuck in my head alllll day today is @triton100 's entry here. Fabulous! <3

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    Thanks to the 12 people who've voted so far... but seriously?! The effort that everyone put into this battle deserves much more attention from the other regular forum users

    (btw, those who don't vote for me, well... when the robot-apocalypse comes I'm gonna tell them to kill you all first :p)

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  • @tk32 said:
    (btw, those who don't vote for me, well... when the robot-apocalypse comes I'm gonna tell them to kill you all first :p)

    Seems fair. :smile:

    Your song gets my Earworm of the Month(tm) award, and would have scored my vote if @StudioES hadn’t entered. So maybe send the robots there first?

  • I'm happy being your earworm - who needs votes! It's especially kind of you to say after I 'damned your entry with faint praise' by suggesting it belongs in Minecraft.

    I did honestly mean it as a compliment.
  • Looks like we got two more votes on the board! Here’s to hoping we can get even more peeps to get interested in this thing by the end of the day tomorrow. =)

  • 24 hours left to vote. :)

  • For those in the lead... Start preparing your rules for Battle 3.

    I think I speak for everyone when I say we'd like to kick things off as soon as possible, and keep up the momentum and interest with these creative challenges.
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