MIDI Import 1 bank per MIDI track/channel

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Open a project in Auxy and export it as a midi file to BM3

A way to import the midi file so that individual tracks are allocated individual tracks in BM3

BM3 loads all of the midi data onto a single track, making the project unusable

Unless I’m missing something? Would appreciate a heads up if I am... thanks


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    You trying to import it on to the timeline or into a pattern ?
    You wont get individual tracks either way, but you will get individual lanes/pads within a pattern.
    (I have tried to get them to rethink MIDI import with a bunch more options, we can only hope at this point)

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    Thanks for clearing that up @5pinlink. Its not supported. Can I hire you to kick some sense into the devs? Good rates....

  • @Nick I am going to pop this over the FRs

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