BM3, AU/IAA and BM3's Pitchbend Wheel Glitch

BM3's pitchbend while running AU and IAA Instruments is awful. Lot's of lag and jumping. BM2's pitchbend with IAAs is excellent. Can you fix this issue please?


  • edited November 2017

    Agree that the pitch and mod wheels attached to the on-screen virtual piano/keyboard is really glitchy and jumpy, especially when trying to record automations.

    Here are 2 workarounds...
    1. Using the on-screen keyboard or pads, record your midi part first (without any pitch bend or mod wheel tweaks), then switch over to pad view and switch the left panel from rolls to wheels. Now overdub your pattern with the desired pitch bend and modulation control using these dials (which are not buggy like the others)
    2. Buy a cheap usb or bluetooth midi keybaord (Akai?) with physical pitch bend and modulation wheels/controls, and you can now record the performance plus automation smoothly in one take.

  • The first workaround doesn't work because pitchbend is part of the performance. As for the second workaround I have small external keyboards but they're an extra thing to carry where the iPad is always in a shoulder bag. The pitchbend using BM2's keyboard UI is butter smooth. BM3's pitch bend needs a fix.

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