Pattern x2 and /2 or Timestretch

Not sure if this has been brought up but it would be awesome to edit a pattern to double or halve in length... or even a timestretch option! I do this in Samplitude on PC and it is awesome!


  • 'Time-Stretching' midi events would indeed be quite handy...
    ...especially when applied on sliced samples :)

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    Midi stretch is really great.
    It's especially nice when programming arpeggios by hand

    I'd also quite like automation stretch, so that I can remap my ramping filter sweeps :)

  • I would like to bump this and also request adding Reverse so I can reverse the MIDI notes selected. An example usage is, let's say I have a MIDI clip playing that is sequencing a piano part, but I'd like to render that to audio and reverse it BUT i want to keep the original MIDI sequence. The issue with reversing audio is that the audio plays backwards, so its not actually like the original sequence. If I reverse the MIDI first, THEN render it to audio, then the audio clip is played as I originally sequenced it, but it has that backwards vibe to it.

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  • Have to admit, this is an FR i have a lot of interest in !!

  • Yep, would love this.

  • Would be great.

  • wonder if that means feature request has been approved. Lol.

  • +1 for this, definitely a useful feature

  • @mathieugarcia said:
    +1 !

    Yes please!!! +1

  • Push! +1

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