Pattern editing: sound new notes

In addition to scale lock, one feature I've always loved from certain apps is hearing the note entered in the piano roll. When a note is drawn in the note should be heard and when that note is dragged around the new note should be played. In this way you have a sonic and visual point of reference for creating melodies and harmonies.

Also maybe I'm getting off track but FL, Ableton and Cubase all have excellent piano rolls/used by pros. Reason too. Their piano rolls have a slightly lower contrast/brighter looking piano roll with certain understated 3D elements which again is important to give it more precision. In my opinion.


  • Yes, hope it gets implemented.

  • Plus One!



  • BM3 used to do this but it got changed. The new way is useful for performance but I generally preferred the old way. Be good as an option in settings..
  • edited November 2017

    Option definitely, i hate 3d notes and i hate note insert preview, move a note and it is cat running across a piano.

  • Personally I find it useful quite often. Same as fumbling around with notes on a real piano for something that works.

    Agree should be an option for both ways tho, the new way is cool for silently adding/removing notes during performance :)
  • Having the proper keyboard available in piano roll view would be good too..
  • It was removed for a very specific reason but i forget why now haha

    Wasn't it because somebody was making patterns in scene mode on the fly as they performed or something ?

    Could even have been me asking cause i hate the damn thing :)

    Anyway yeah, even a little speaker icon below the right hand vertical piano keys would do it.

  • Also if we could control the horizontal zoom using the upper zone pattern overview that would be a workflow saver.
  • I think @OscarSouth already requested that one, but i may be wrong, I need to update the bug and FR lists, so i will check ;)

  • In the pattern editor, we were able to preview the note in the piano roll in the previous version (by tapping on the piano keys), it is not working anymore in the new version, am I doing something wrong?

  • @Sygma that’s actually a bug that was discovered, but there is a workaround. Read this thread

  • @ronji thank you very much, I missed the other thread ;)

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