BeatMaker 2 projects - no sound

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whenever i load a beatmaker 2 project to beatmaker 3 a popup tells me some files are missing and asks if it should search them.
after i choose search the whole ipad my projects load but no sound is played no matter which kit/sound i trigger.

Any way to fix that and get the old project back to life?



  • Hey @grinandbearit

    Did you transfer the whole BM2 project along with samples?

    Let me know,

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    I copied all my bm2 files to bm3 folder. bm3 uses different names for the directorys. maybe thats the problem?

  • Did you save your BeatMaker 2 projects using the "COPY SAMPLES" options?
    This way, BeatMaker 2 will copy the samples used in the project along the actual project files. That is needed to transfer them to BeatMaker 3.


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    no. im gonna resave them (using the mentioned option) after work and let you know if this fix it.

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    thanks for your help! i can use my bm2 projects now in bm3. there is one small "bug" left. when i load my old project the choke-group is removed and samples don´t cut each other off anymore. do i have to fix that for each pad manually?

  • Compatibility is not yet 100% but we'll improve it as we go. Right now it would be best to adjust those settings manually.

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