Critical BM3 Browser Bug 3.0.5 - Turned in to bad lag 3.0.6

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If you drag a file in the browser and drop it back into the browser rather than a pad or track, the file will become corrupted or deleted and you won't be able to do anything with it. I've tried re-scan database as well as hard reset database, and neither help this situation.

Note the critical nature of this bug is such that you might be scrolling in the browser and instead of perfectly up and down swipes you accidentally tilt enough that your swipe is recognized as a grab and drag.



  • I just posted a similar video on the Audiobus forum... Strange bug...

  • Critical bug indeed!




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    Will be investigated a.s.a.p. Thanks for reporting!

    EDIT: BTW, thanks for posting videos of bugs, this is the best way to showcase them -- super helpful!

  • Done. Fix available in the next update.

  • @mathieugarcia said:
    Done. Fix available in the next update.

    Look forward to that! (Update)



  • @mathieugarcia killing it with these fixes!

  • That one is / was pretty scary actually!

  • I have to be honest I have bumped into those 0kb samples but never understood the cause behind them...
    Hopefully this update will be pushed out soon so I don't loose more samples :)

  • @KING said:
    I thought you guys could have been talking about the iOS 11 ”Files app” before I watched the video.

    :-O ... this is scarier than what Halloween supposed to be.

    All the best, I’ll wait for the next version, me thinks.



    ^ From another/the other thread..



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    I’m actually missing bug finding/reporting for 3.0.5 :(

    It’s part of the experience, :-)

    (But I wouldn’t go as far as being a beta tester). Certain apps like BM3 would loose a certain flavour for me, if I was beta testing.



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    Importing samples seems to be broken. I can't send files from another app including AudioShare into BM3. The iCloud files app can work sometimes but I hate this ugly lazy Apple implementation of a files app. AudioCopy is better than the Apple Files app.

    @mathieugarcia are you aware of the sample import bug?
  • @LucidMusicInc will check into that today.


  • Confirmed
    If Beatmaker 3 is not running it gives you no indication at all
    If Beatmaker is running it says xxx imported to import folder
    Tried a rescan and hard reset, nothing in imports

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    Yep no import except through Apple's cursedly hideous Files app.

    Luckily for me I sample my own content through Audiobus for everything except GarageBand.
  • Will this fix be submitted now or do we have to wait until the next big update ?

  • @Hansson0728

    Not ideal but you can use AudioShare as an IAA and just record in.
  • @LucidMusicInc I think they were referring to the original topic of the corrupted files =)

  • Yes corrupted files bug was what i was thinkingabout

  • Ok this just happened to me. My big fat sausage fingers have lost me about 5 samples.

    Do we have an eta? Thanks for all the hard work.

  • I'm guessing they'll put out another update soon, rather than waiting for a big update with a lot more features, cuz this is a really bad bug. Not sure what else they're wanting to squeeze in for the next one, but they are doing a pretty good job so far fixing bugs and adding features people request!

  • Right, we'll issue a maintenance update (3.0.6) soon-ish.


  • Great work for discovering this @ronji

    And great work for squashing this @mathieugarcia
  • This is now fixed in 3.0.6, but you'll notice a lag if you do it now. If you drag a sample and drop it back onto the browser, the whole interface will lag for approximately 3 seconds, and any taps made after dropping and before recovery will be caught up. Way better than the original bug, tho!

  • I dont get any lag here ?

  • I get the lag. Pretty bad for me, but at least the samples are OK

    Ipad Air1 - running on the final release of iOS 10 ( I can't update to iOS11 until I've made time to export all my NanoStudio tracks)

  • What do i have to do to get the lag, i am dragging a file out to a pad then before i release i drag it back to the browser, is that right ? (Air2)

  • I was doing my testing inside the imports folder, originally, which gave me the ~3 sec lag. Now I've found that there's no lag if you're doing this from the search section of the browser, but the sample should get copied to the imports folder. If I'm in a subfolder of the imports folder, I get no lag and no file copy. If I'm in the main samples folder, I'm getting the hellacious lag @tk32 has mentioned. I have moved a sample from the imports folder into the main samples folder and if I do the move drop I get the same hellacious lag, even though this same sample only has a 3 sec lag in the imports folder. I also had an erroneous error message that a file would be overwritten, but I haven't recreated that yet.

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    I forgot to show there's little to no lag and there's no file copy if doing this from a subfolder of the imports folder. Skip from 1:45 to 3:40 to see that the interface does catch up after the super lag. Also note the copied file in search isn't always the one that was dragged, but I'm not sure why that is.

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