Problem importing from audioshare

Hi when I import from audioshare BeatMaker 3 informs me that the file is in imports. But no file is there. I have tried with a few different files but no luck. Anyone else experience this?


  • And when my wav files are in the root AudioShare folder they import as 0kb files and do not play when I add import them into BM3 by selecting Cloud then Files. When I move them to a sub folder in Audioshare they import ok using the Cloud option.

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    Same, but to clarify, this seems to only happen when you go from the AudioShare app, use the share button, and choose open in BeatMaker 3. If you start in BeatMaker 3, open the browser, tap the folder icon, tap the iCloud icon at bottom right, choose AudioShare in the list of locations, then tap on the file you want to import, it does actually work. That said, using the "open in BeatMaker 3" option in other share menus also doesn't work. So it's not AudioShare, it seems to be an issue with the "open in BeatMaker 3" share function. I tested this with a file in the app Documents (an mp3 and a wav) and it didn't work.

    Edit: I didn’t see your other comment about 0kb files. I just checked again, and if I import the files via the BM3 browser using the iCloud button, they appear in the imports folder just fine and preview and load to pads just fine. All of my AudioShare files are in the root folder, except for things sent to the trash folder.

  • Will look into that one as well! I'll keep you updated.


  • If it's viable to change the iCloud icon in BM3(when running iOS11+) to 'Files' it would lessen the confusion.
    And if it's possible let the 'Files' icon remember the last used location. (Default could be 'Files Root').

    I think GarageBand sets the example for this as It just says "Browse Items from the Files app".
    There are no longer any references to 'iCloud' to be found...

  • Hey @samu!

    Makes sense :) I can change that easily.


  • @mathieugarcia said:
    Hey @samu!

    Makes sense :) I can change that easily.


    Cool, and btw. I noticed that default 'save location' was set to 'iCloud' in the General->Settings->BM3.
    Is this intentional, accidental or planned for syncing between devices?
    (No files get saved to the 'cloud' so the setting is a bit confusing).

    I noticed the change after update to iOS11.1.1...

  • Can i move this to fixed ?

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