New 3.0.5 bug - 50+ negative length patterns

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I just discovered another little bug in 3.0.5 that causes BM3 to auto-generate 50+ negative length patterns.

Here's what happened..

1. Added a new bank to an existing session and loaded a AUv3 (Poison)
2. Switched to Song view and set loop markers from bars 9-17
3. Opened the AU & keyboard (performance) view for Poison and hit record.

BM3 starts playing from bar 1 instead of bar 7 (ok, perhaps this is my fault for not checking the playhead location) but look what happens next...
BM3 creates a negative length pattern for every single note I play, and the length of each of these 50+ patterns seems offset by -8 bars.

Can anyone else please try repeating this?

(Excuse the dodgy photo, I am currently on a moving train)


  • Thanks @StudioES

    But in my case I never use Ableton Link, so it's always turned off.

    The problem seems to be when BM3 auto-creates new patterns when recording, and I've occasionally experienced weird negative patterns in earlier versions .. but never this many.
  • Weird, to say the least! Quick question: on what pad number the AUv3 was loaded?

  • Confirmed with Poison 202, and also found another bug too while doing it haha

  • Pad 1 i had Posion 202 loaded here @mathieugarcia
    While doing the test i had no items in the session either, just started recording after about 6 or so bars.
    While doing this i noticed that the arranger over view at the top is also out of sync with the arranger, when i am looking at the first 6 empty bars of the arranger, it actually shows that it is over the items on the overview up top.

    I also noticed that when you swipe left or right to move around the arranger, that the items (Could be a refresh issue due to there being so many small items) are actually disappearing before they are off screen.

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    @mathieugarcia said:
    Weird, to say the least! Quick question: on what pad number the AUv3 was loaded?

    The AUv3 was loaded on pad 1 in Bank E

    @5pinlink Thanks for testing and confirming!

    I can also confirm that when I zoom in/out of the arranger, all of the negative length patterns disappear from view. You will also note (if you look carefully at my photo) that the midi note preview in the arranger appears before the start of the pattern block, outside of the pattern's boundary.

    Like this...
    Note[ PATTERN 1 ].....Note[ PATTERN 2 ].....Note [ PATTERN 3 ] etc..

  • Thanks for the clarifications guys, we'll look into that one too.


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