Audition Samples Before Importing

Firstly, I’ve been producing music for many years across, hardware, desktop and more for fun dabbled with iOS apps since they came about. B3 in my opionion is the first app that feels like you can usable results that has a workflow that really suits the iPad. So a huge well done to the people at Intua.

Ok so I’m wondering if it’s possible to get the ability to audition (stream) samples from drop box and iCloud before importing them? I doesn’t seem to possible at the moment and as I have extensive sample libraries it becomes a tad tedious and having to download a sample, listen to it, keep or delete it and then rinse and repeat.

If someone has a work around or I’m missing something then please let me know. If it’s not an option could it become one in the future?

Again great work on a great app!


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