More macros

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Just an idea, how about some more macro pages only rather than just using knobs and xy pads we could get buttons (hold/toggle or incremental/decremental) an awesome example of this would be assign a frequency cutoff or to turn an automated effect on or off (sure the knobs work and can be assigned on external controllers but more macro options would give the app yet another selling point.)


  • +1. That would be pretty cool to have!

  • More macros would be good in general.

    I've more than 16 controllers I'd like to assign to things.

  • +1,000 for simple global MIDI learn.... ;)

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    Yeah. That would work too!

    My thought was that as the macro system already exists, adding more might be easier to implement. Pure speculation on my part though.

    I guess the focus actions are part way there too though... Adding focus actions for the mixer would go some towards what I want too.
  • I just bought a Novation Launch Control XL mk2, which i want to use for live jamming like in Ableton Live..with more than 16 macros i can map all knobs faders etc...that would be awesome! Come on @mathieugarcia , i think i can pay for this update 😅

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