Iterative quantization

The function iterative quantize is the one that I use most of the time

This function could use a percentage of attraction of the grid (like cubase)


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    "plus 1" (not bullet 1 ;))

  • I vote for 'non destructive' quantise as well!
    (This is one feature I like in GarageBand, it makes it easy to try out different quantise options without messing up the original recording ever).

    But before that can we please have an option to disable the 'note end quantise'?

    I mean with quantise ON and the grid set to 1/16 the shortest event that can be recorded is 1/16 even though the note was held for a shorter period of time. This is super annoying when the trigger mode is set to hold and one is triggering short notes... (Think note-duration of 1/32nd on a 1/16th grid, ie. 50% gate-time, it's a no can do when recording).

    But yeah, big +1 for iterative quantise!

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    It seems to me there are 2 main use cases for midi quantise in modern DAWs (including BM3):

    1. To delicately tighten up timings for a 'non-quantised' performed sequence (what I call 'Retrospective Record Quantise')
    2. To add swing/syncopation to a slightly robotic-sounding step-programmed sequence

    In version 3.0.5 BM3 made a big step forward with (type 2) with the introduction of **Swing Quantise** in the pattern editor. This means if you select a group of midi notes you can now specify a swing percentage when quantising, which adds a little (or lot) of syncopated swing to your beats/melodies.

    However, I do agree that the (type 1) quantise above (which I call 'Retrospective Record Quantise') is something that could really be improved going forward. I really like the way Propellerhead Reason allows you to _nudge_ your midi notes towards a quantise grid (eg 50% nudge towards 1/16th note grid) - this enables you to keep the human timing element whilst 'iteratively' magnetising the rhythm towards a regular (or swing-enabled) grid division.
  • How about some reasonesque groove quantize?

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