here’s a strange bug (i think!)....

i have been working on a project for a while now, mostly audio loops plus a bank for kick drums, another for hihats and another bank triggering vocal samples and also some addition aux tracks (3 Banks, 8 audio and 3 aux in total).

there’s no instrument plugins at all, just some fx, a mix of internal, au3 and one IAA.

i’ve been listening to the track on loop in song mode and 2 very strange things happened -

1 - i was in the main mixer view adjusting the sends and pressed on the button All Sends to expand the view and adjust the 3rd send. made some minor changes then pressed the button again, but the full Sends page stayed open, it wouldn’t close, meaning i could not adjust the track volume.

after a couple of tries and swapping to another view and back, no change, the expanded view of All Sends is still open. so i click Quick Save. close the session and close the app. re-opening the app and the session did work but another strange thing happened....

2 - i went back to playing the track in song mode and i noticed the 1st bank containing the kick drums was silent. i checked to see if it was in mute, but it wasn’t. i went in to the sample view and noticed that Model 15 had been loaded as an instrument plugin for that bank. (this was the first bank of the session and only triggering drum sounds. there is actually no instrument plugins on the track. only fx plugins). Model 15 hasn't been opened for at least 1week and it’s never been loaded into this project i’m working on. i unloaded the Model 15 plugin, closed the app and re-opened it, but model 15 was still loaded.

in the end, i closed the session and reset the ipad (i’m using ipad pro 10.5). and reloaded a session that hadn’t been auto saved and this seemed to work.



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    2 Can confirm this bug, to fix it I had to go in to the parttern editor and hit the little preview button the right of the lane.

    Scrub that I misread your post, it only happens on pad 1 for me.

  • @5pinlink thanks for checking, I haven’t been able to reproduce the bug either and the specific session seems to be working ok. So probably not a bug.
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    there are certainly some graphic update/refresh issues that could probably be addressed. I just finished loading some sessions to listen to (Dean's Saffron sessions) and at some point after loading a few I noticed none of the meters showed sound levels at all. restarting bm3 fixed that. also, loading a sample into a new layer and then moving that sample into a layer that has macros assigned will appear to lose macro assignments, and you have to tap around to get it to refresh and show the macro numbers.

  • I’m seeing a regular issue with the master channel meter not rendering anymore

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