Muting and mixer

This is a bit of a double feature request.

Firstly muting: pad muting is fine I'm very happy about that :) however I don see why we should have the option for midi mute when we mute the bank too? The bank pages are what I'm referring to and not the mixer. The mixer can be totally separate but when we press a bank page with mute or solo activated we get that action. Either that action should be disabled or it should have a consistent setting with the pad mute. I would prefer one or the other (no mute by pressing a bank page, allowing that to be used only for bank navigation or it can mute but only according to the preferences set by the user.)

The Mixer: at the moment the channel strips are too narrow. The mute solo buttons are microscopic. Please widen the channel strips, enlarge the send knobs and enlarge the mute solo buttons.

Can we group those channels also? E.g. Bank A1-H1 can be grouped to be collapsed into one or expanded.


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