Undo after recording MIDI to existing pattern removes random MIDI notes

When I record MIDI to a patter that has existing MIDI notes, then hit Undo to remove the notes I recorded, sometimes it does not remove all the notes. Sometimes, it removes some of the existing notes in the pattern.

Currently on 3.0.3, but it does not seem as though this was investigated or fixed in 3.0.5.


  • I think Undo is a bit of a mess right now to be honest, the amount of stuff it doesn't undo is ridiculous, change a setting on the sampler and then undo and it undoes a rename you did about five minutes ago haha

  • Noted. Undo could be a bit better, actually we disabled the fact you could undo just parameter changes but we could bring it back easily.

    BTW, quick tip: if you long-press the undo button, you will see the history!


  • Yeah the reason i call it a mess @mathieugarcia is that i saw a friend the other day hit it about ten times to revert a change in the sampler, then went to the arrangdr and half the song had created had gone, all that happened with them havig no idea at all.

    So if the undo is to be selective like that and not undo everything, it needs some kind of read out for the users, just for safety sake ;)

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    It is confusing since you don't necessarily "see" the changes reverting.

    Changing screens means changing context, so the user probably expects undoing will not alter something in the previous screen. Two solutions, either have an undo stack per screen, or clear the undo history when switching.

  • Undo stack per screen would be better, but again would need that visual readout safeguard, coming back to a screen and remembering your last actions is unlikely.

    The current long press for the history panel as you suggest could be great, unfortunately the actions are very generic, example
    Ten entries of 'Edit Song' which is which ?
    Ten entries of 'Add Event' Which is Which'
    One entry 'Set Name' name of what ? For the record it wasn't even a rename but color change, but proves the point even more.

    I am guessing that changing those generic names now wpuld be a lot of work @mathieugarcia ?

  • I experienced this multiple times today with 3.0.6, At some point the undo function stopped recording changes and the undo/redo was greyed out all times.

  • Just found this now. Pressing the home button or switching to another app then returning to Beatmaker loses the undo/redo history. Both buttons become grey.

  • Just suffered a pretty big crash with undo. Fortunately I had switched apps to send an email so didn't lose all the work I'd done.

    I was moving regions in the Song window and realized that the duplicate regions I'd created actually duplicated patterns which was confusing to me (still getting used to the workflow.)

    When I undid to roll back those changes, it crashed on the change that created the duplicate regions/patterns, with a segmentation fault.

    Still on 3.0.3 on 10.3.2 but sure would like to see some progress on undo before making the jump.

  • Also, with regard to seeing the changes reverting, it's pretty clear at least when I am recording into a pattern with MIDI notes that it's not always undoing the notes I just recorded. If I'm doing a record and then rolling back that change it should not be touching other notes.

  • Hey! Thanks for the bug report, we'll investigate this.


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