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@5pinlink can you please delete my account and all posts. Ta.


  • No, i cant remove users, please contact admin ;)

  • remove your profile picture, change your password to something from a random password generator, don't save it, then you won't be able to log back in, but it would be lame to delete the posts you've chosen to make. yeah you'd be able to reset your password later on with your email address, but that'd take extra effort, so that's up to the strength of your own will power.

  • Thanks but nah man, I'm normally against users clearing out their shit when they bail on a forum but I'm still gonna read this place now and again and I don't wanna accidentally see any of the junk I got baited in to spewing. If mods can't delete posts I'll pay someone to sift though..
  • paypal me, reset your password, send me your new password, I'll clean up your posts and then you can have/take your account back ;)

  • I was thinking more like my daughter ;)
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    I’d the option to delete my account as well to be honest.

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    tut tut tut!

    Its a shame. @mathieugarcia

    This forum can be so important and useful.

    We are all free..

    Just keep it clean and pleasant people, coz this is starting to get to me now..

    A forum that becomes empty has NO use!



  • So what has happened now that is getting to you ?

  • The comment above mine.

    People feeling the need to delete is not a good vibe.



  • @Nick doesn't want to delete because of the forum content or users, he has some serious (and warranted mind you) issues with BM3 since day 1 ;)

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