Improving Scales

Just an idea to add to the scale menu Root Key. You could select the root key and from a pop up menu choose the octave.

Also for making pitched multilayered instruments we should be using drop down menus instead of the keyboard panel. Saves time. Thanks ;)


  • +1 on root key

  • Sorry if i'm being slow, happens a lot, you can set the root key and octave of a scale right now, you just press the word Octave to change to Semi and vice versa.

    And yes i agree that the upper/lower/root of a sample should be able to be set other than the keyboard and the slider, those sliders need to be double clickable like all text, so i can just enter the key manually, its beyond annoying sliding up and down all day to set upper and lower limits.

  • @5pinlink in the interests of speed and efficiency setting the root note and octave should be done as drop down menu options in the scale menu.
  • Ok got ya, now i know what to put in the list, cheers :)

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