Forum Folder Structure Autobuilder v1.1

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  • What do yo mean ?
    On my drive i have your AN samples in drumkits for example, and a folder called Amen Brother with two kits inside breakbeats etc.

  • Oh, wait till tomo ;)

  • No probs, just means anything we share should akways work without sample search :)

  • will there be a complete version so you can just get all resources at once ?

  • No this is just a folder structure, there is no point doing that to be honest, if people add banks i have to rebuild the entire thing, when it is just easy enough to download and extract to the correct folder.
    Keep in mind you don't need to use this folder structure, it just works better with my banks in particular at least, because i spend a lot of time separating samples and then resaving, so it is a much more desktop like browsing experience (A lot better)

  • Updated to 1.1

    V1.1 Updating
    If you have previously created the Forum Folder Structure, you have two options.
    1 You can run this activator again, it will auto add in the new folders, you may want to back up your Forum Folder first, it has worked every time here, but safety first (this will take 30 seconds or so depending on folder size)
    2 You can manually create the new folders, click inside the main forum folder, then create a new folder called Drum Hits, inside this folder create two folders, Acoustic and Drum Machines, so...
    Forum/Drum Hits/Acoustic
    Forum/Drum Hits/Drum Machine

  • Nice. This is much appreciated.

  • @MSandoval said:
    When sharing new Bank Presets, should I follow this method?

    It may be worth while to either send them to me for reformatting, or both of us discuss how you need to format them, there are strict guidelines for the forum folder structure ala sample naming, so that they are unique enough that they will be found in a search, took a few weeks for me to work out that one well hahahaha.

    I have just set up an IRC chat if you want to join that.

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