How about Midi Control

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I don't have the app yet because the phone i ordered has not arrived. Several of you have mentioned midi out.

I would like to see midi in. I'm envisioning a live environment where no laptop or other hardware is required. Where the user could have a midi control device such as the M audio ozone or eve the old roland octapad or similar device and have the ability to assign triggers to patterns as well as to cue points along the course of the track.

I realize this would require the creation of a iphone cable that breaks out to midi I/O and iphone power cable, but that seems worth exploring as it would undoubtedly be useful to all kinds of other apps (like iphone VSTs).

Work with M audio if you need. seems like they could help on that end.

Does the iphone possess the hardware to allow for zero latency in a triggering environment? this would of course my my idea difficult.

I realize i may be asking a lot but intua has already wowed me in terms of what a person can do on the iphone.


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    I don't doubt that this could be done, but I'm not sure what constrictions Apple has one accessing data via the USB dock connector. If it is open there would be a possibility of this, however the software would have to be rewritten to work with midi, this would also add to the processor strain I imagine.

    Personally, I think the best solution for this would to have software for BeatMaker that could be loaded onto a laptop for performances and such.
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