SetDrums (Casette Drums - 20 Kits)

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  • Yeah if i dont include licence, then you can do what you like with them, I would prefer if they were not re released as a sample pack under somebody elses name, but I couldn't stop you if you were going to do that anyway, and no licence will change that lol
  • Looks like its only you who has downloaded them anyway, so i wont be worrying about licences any time soon hahaha

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    Not so fast... I've just downloaded them too.

    Thanks for such a generous kit (and all the work involved)

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    Aaaah crap @tk32 has downloaded them, i better put a licence on them hahaha !

    To be fair Richie at Samplemunch stuck a bunch of them on tape and recorded them back in too, and formatted them for Maschine and his own E-Kit set up, but they are staying exclusive to Beatmaker.

    Feel free to add extra kits, if you use the samples in the forum folder structure like in the video, you wont have to save with samples and they will be just kb to upload :)

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    Never mind. Just saw the link. Thanks so much for doing this.

  • Thanks for the kits!

  • Youre welcome ;)

  • Thanks for the share on these kits! :#

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  • It's my mate Richie's, we share a house and a studio and a band haha

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  • He wont even remember this pack truth be told, I made it months ago and he is having a love affair with the Procussion i bought, being triggered by his e-kit.

  • Since moving files to my own directory I have a set drums pack category I can't delete? Suggestions?

  • If SetDrums isnt installed, just reset the database and it should go.

  • Hard reset database?

  • I do, but it can take a while if you have lots of samples

  • @5pinlink said:
    I do, but it can take a while if you have lots of samples

    Does this delete the database? Also, do you recommend ifunbox as a backup solution?

  • Yeah i think it delets and rescans.
    Yeah iFunbox seems to work well enough and its free isnt it, so cant be argued with, i think the mac version is a bit of date though.

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