The importance of sample naming !!

When naming your samples, make sure that you use a descriptor of some kind, example..
In my SetDrums pack that you can download in the resources section of the forum, I used the descriptor SD at the start of every sample, while it may seem like it is just taking up valuable character real estate on screen, it does actually serve a purpose.
If at some point in the future you have moved those samples elsewhere and try to load the bank, the samples will not be found because they are no longer in their original location, you will now need to use the built in search function to find said samples.
If they are not in current session folder and you have not given your samples as descriptor (In this case SD) then you are now in to the world of random sample loading based on the first one found, example.
If the search function is looking for a sample called Kick 1.wav, and you have thirty samples in various locations called Kick 1.wav, the first one that is found by the search will be the one that it loads, unless you are extremely lucky, the likelihood of this being the right sample is very low.

So remember to give your samples good descriptors ;)

Side note, while typing this i am considering that SD may not be a good enough descriptor for the SetDrums pack, and may be going back and creating a v 1.1 of that with the full name in each sample, SetDrum Kick 1.wav etc.



  • Addendum
    Take Beatmakers browser size in to account too, example
    My preferred naming would be this....
    In Beatmaker this needs to be...
    Because of the available characters in Beatmakers browser, you will not see the A#2 in my preferred naming format above, so drag n drop mapping becomes a complete and total pain.

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