Limit on files in the browser?

I added 80k samples via iTunes and did a rescan. It’s been on the adding files to browser for a few hours now. Is there a limit or recommended number of files in the browser? Any idea how long I should let it process?


  • @mathieugarcie A 'progress bar' would surely help here when doing massive imports...
    (This could be moved into the requests section of the forum).

  • Definitely, insertion in the database can take a while and there are no progress reported on this one.
    It all comes down to processing the huge list by chunks of XXX files.

  • @mathieugarcia a progress bar would be good for sure, did you read my tip on using BM3 as your general Dropbox uploader ?

  • Okay whew! It competed overnight. All my files are there and browser is doing well! I had to turn off auto lock on my iPad, otherwise it would timeout and BM3 would crash it seems.

    But I can confirm that 80k samples in the browser will work!

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