Explode pattern feature

Would be great to have a way to explode a pattern/Bank - each pad and corresponding midi data would get split into a new Bank with that pad and a new pattern with just that pads midi data.


  • +1. Think I already requested this as an option per pad. Would definitely come in handy for times when users haven't had the foresight to set things up optimally. Which is pretty easy to happen with the banks system.
  • I think there's a request of having the banks behave as 'track folders' on the song time-line.
    This would also make it easier to copy parts between patterns.

    Due to the 'pattern nature' of BM3 if/when a bank is 'exploded' there would be a need to automatically create new patterns if a pad/track-pattern from a bank is copied/moved to a place on the time-line that doesn't already have a 'target pattern'.

  • "Sub-tracks" are in the backlog for sure!

  • @eclipxe

    The workaround is to export your pattern to audio loops, you can specify which pads, and set up audio tracks or new banks that can load those clipss
  • Unfortunately audio clips are kind of windows 3.11 on the timeline right now, so that is no workaround in a lot of cases.

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