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Big BM3 supporter. Super impressed with Intua as devs. In their talent, transparency, commitment, vision. Have a feeling they're destined for big things over the next couple of years.

Buuuuut....Can we please see the following fundamentals added to BM3 ASAP ;)

1 - Transport option for 'on stop rwnd to cursor (the white vertical line you position by tapping on the top of the timeline)'.
2 - Ability to move playback start position while in Pattern Edit view.
3 - Freeze Track
4 - 'Always on top' keys/pads option (Cubasis totally nails this...). Currently using BM3 (without a midi keyboard attached) is a frenzy of page switching...
5 - Short notes to NOT be auto quantized in length.

The combination of those 5 things somehow make BM3 too much of a PITA for me to use for anything longer than half hour or so. Which sucks cos they're tiny, dull details compared to all the cool stuff that Intua have totally nailed..

Hyped for when all this stuff is out the way and intua can focus on the more interesting additions :)

Great job so far tho @mathieugarcia :)


  • Is it ok if i add in..
    6 - Deep MIDI import/Export.

    Only reason i still use Maschine, everything else i can workaround, this stops me doing paid work ;)

    (Sorry @heyez, not meaning to hijack your thread)

  • all good :)
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    Number 5 is the one that bugs me the most at the moment so a huge PLUS ONE for an option to disable quantise of note-ends... (This would fit well with the repeat function where it would be handy to set the gate-time for the repeats, ie. repeat at 1/16 using 1/32 events (= 50% gate-time) as an example).

  • 1, 2, 5 are my hangups wih it. Otherwise, lovng it more and more.

  • For 1 we would need a cursor though, right ? (I'm not trying to argue, I just don't have a cursor here at all, and it is something i would like, i'm wondering if i am missing it somewhere ? )

  • An addition to 'Freeze Track'(Number 3) would be 'Freeze Pattern'(ie. just tap on a pattern and select 'render to audio'). Being able to quickly render a pattern to audio would speed up 're-sampling'...
    (I just love the 'Render (selection) To Sample' feature in Renoise).

  • Oh please, don't mention Renoise or we have to cover freezing AU too, which is ****ing brilliant in Renoise haha

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    @5pinlink I maybe used wrong term when I said 'cursor'. I meant the white vertical line that you can position along the top of timeline ;) Edited for clarity.

    @samu that 'freeze pattern' feature in renoise sounds dope. Super convenient for resampling loops. You should def give that a dedicated FR!
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    Yeah the one that moves along as it plays is called a 'Play Cursor' the one that stays in place (Which is the one you want i think, so you can hit stop to rewind to it) is called an 'Edit Cursor'
    Note, this is the parlance for the few DAWs that i still use, but seems fitting ;)

    Currently when you tap on the timeline you just move the 'Play Cursor' so what we want is an 'Edit Cursor' that stays in last tapped position when you press play.
    Does that sound right @heyez ?

  • @Heyez said:

    @samu that 'freeze pattern' feature in renoise sounds dope. Super convenient for resampling loops. You should def give that a dedicated FR!

    @mathieugarcia is quite 'aware' of my crazy requests and this has already been mentioned a long, long time ago :)

  • +1 on all of these

  • @5pinlink re the cursor thing. I'm not sure about the terminology really but basically the same option/behavior that Cubasis describes as 'Return to Start Position on Stop' and Sonar describes as 'On Stop, rewind to Now Marker'. Seems different daws call it different things but it's the same function as far as I can tell :)
  • I have no idea what a now marker is lol

  • Number 1 is done! That was due for so long...

  • @mathieugarcia Yessss! Great news :) Such a small thing but makes a huge workflow difference and will stop me constantly feeling like I'm fighting against the sequencer :) Thanks dude!
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