Browser: Draggable scroll bar or quick letter jump

In the Browser (especially samples) it would be good to have a scroll bar you can drag to quickly jump around the list (or get to the end). Also (or instead of) a "letter jump" along the side so you can quickly scrub to "S" for example would be great.


  • There was some discussion there for faster browsing, but no alphabet lister.

    Like i said in that thread though, i still think that good housekeeping of samples is important, once you have lists of 100 200 samples, you should be splitting in to folders, but if you use tags maybe you run out of tags, i have no idea about that, i think tags are cheap nasty housekeeping and i avoid them.

  • I thought the 'search' function was supposed to lessen the need to scroll around?!

  • There is no search function in the browser, only in the tag database

  • Yeah, search and organizing samples helps, but a quick way to jump around long lists would be a nice to have. Not urgent, but might be a good quality of life thing.

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    The first section of the browser is the search section, which includes tags, but you can search your samples with it. That said, after some testing, it doesn't always list everything you search for properly. This is difficult to explain without video, so

    Hard reset of database didn't help, neither did unloading the app and rebooting the iPad.

    But yeah, even if search worked perfectly, it wouldn't eliminate the benefits of a scroll bar in long lists.

  • @5pinlink said:
    There is no search function in the browser, only in the tag database

    True but all the files are indexed and added to the same database so they will pop up when doing a search...
    I have my samples neatly organised in folders so I seldom need to search to find what I need and if there's >300 objects in one folder my organisation has failed me big time :D

  • Somewhat back to the topic though. 'Smart Folders'(automatically groups files that meet a certain criteria) would be good middle ground here. That's a feature I use all the time on my Mac...

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    Search doesn't work here, if i type snare, it sure as s**t doesn't show all my snares.
    Agree about the organising, but i can only push good housekeeping so far, some people just think i am being Anal, but then i find exactly what sound i want in seconds, oh well.

    See @ronji video, search doesn't search properly hahaha

  • +1000 even after having tagged all my samples, there is a need for scroll rapidly from top to bottom through a list of similarly named and tagged samples.

    my fr from July: (

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