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I'd like to be able to override any active automation for a particular track. For example, I have a pad track which I've automated the mixer mute on. The track audio is being processed by an Aux send (delay). When I choose, I'd like to mute the track permanently, so that the delay can play out. But because I have automated the mute, when the pattern loops, the mute automation kicks in again and unmutes the track.

I'm coming to Beatmaker 3 from Ableton Live. In that application, when recording is not activated, moving an automated control causes an indicator to come on in the UI. The indicator signals that you have temporarily overridden the automation. This persists while the timeline loops. When you click the indicator, your overrides are removed and the recorded automation takes effect again.

Sorry, no video this time, as the iOS Screen Recorder app is incredibly buggy!


  • Copy/paste/clear automation data in addition to midi data is what we need. Also the ability to mute unmute pads per pattern if possible. Recording the mute isn't really a good option as it creates these complicated scenarios just described.
  • You mean mute/unmute events in the pattern ?
    Mute/Unmute of pads can already be done in pad view.

  • @LucidMusicInc said:
    Also the ability to mute unmute pads per pattern if possible.

    +1 for this!

    BeatHawk does this already and it's a very quick and easy way to 'arrange' a densely packed pattern into a song by muting/unmuting pads. I usually fill all the pads with 'something' and then just pick what pads will be played in the song mode...
    (check out the 'Song Mode' page).

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    Mutes can be recorded in Ableton Live and I think Maschine, so I disagree that it’s not a good option. I’m focussed on live performance here so I’m looking for solid features rather than fiddly workarounds.

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